Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trojan Horsemen Team to Fly Again

Team will fly a missing man in honor of lost team mate and to support Veterans Airlift Command fundraiser

On November 11th 2011 the team will fly together publically for first time. Trojan Horsemen team members will fly a formation flight over the start of the Veterans Airlift Command annual golf tournament and Fundraising dinner, then fly the missing man in honor of Jack "Flash" Mangan. Flash was originally scheduled to lead this mission and his team mates will complete it for him. Flash and his company RMG ,has always supported veterans causes.

The Team has flown as the honor guard for the Veterans Airlift Command since 2006. The VAC's purpose is to provide free air transportation to wounded veterans and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes, through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. To date they have flown 5000 passengers and almost 2 million miles in support of our wounded veterans. On Veterans day weekend the VAC will hold its annual fundraiser at Pinehurst Golf Club outside Ft. Bragg in NC.

The Ranger Group Parachute team will also participate in the opening ceremony. The Ranger groups members include Mark Jones and Mike Elliot former Golden Knights who jumped with President George Bush on his 85th birthday.

This is where we are going to reach out to our air show family for your help!! Our Narrator and Event Coordinator, Lisa Heidinger has been challenged to tandem jump with the Ranger Group to raise funds for VAC. She needs sponsors!! It is really going to take something to convince her to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!!! We know the economy is bad and we are all living on tight budgets, but some of these families are facing much worse troubles. Please consider sponsoring even a small amount...if we work together we can accomplish a lot.

Go to this link and you can donate directly to her campaign.

She has been challenged by another VAC volunteer who will jump along with her, to see who can raise the most money....Lets show them how much the Air Show community supports our Military and Veterans.

You can also send a check, just please put "Lisa's Jump" on the memo line.

PLEASE, PLEASE help us....pass this on to others who you think might like to help the Veterans Airlift Command in some small way. Show them the following video....I think it will help people understand.

Thanks in advance to all of you who get it and want to help in a small way.

Trojan Horsemen Flight Demonstration Team

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CandiRae said...

What a great fundraiser! Hope you do well!