Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Heritage Trophy Winner Profile

PFLUGERVILLE, TX – OCTOBER 11, 2011 – One of a kind aircraft is nothing new to the NationalAviation Heritage Invitational, and 2011 was no exception.  The 1911 Bleriot XI, is the only one in the world today.  It is owned by CC Air Corp. and restored by Chuck Wentworth of Antique Aero and was the winner of the 2011 Rolls-Royce Aviation Heritage Trophy.  This wood and fabric aircraft shows how elementary were the early days of aviation.  A small engine, pushed this frail looking aircraft through the air using “wing-warping” to control its movements. 

The winners of this year’s invitational were recognized in a low-key ceremony on Sunday, September 18th where only the competitors, officials, and organizers were on hand.  Ken Perich, Heritage Invitational Director said, “All facets of our competition had been completed, and we felt it was important to finish what we started.  These aircraft had been judged and even People’s choice ballots had been cast so all we had to do was award the trophies.”

The entire field of winners can be seen on the LiveAirShowTV website in the video column on the left-side of the home page.
LiveAirShowTV has several more stories from Reno that will be produced, including a profile of the crew of the Huey helicopter that was pressed into action following the crash on Friday.  Highlights and profiles from the upcoming Wings Over Houston air show, and the El Paso Amigo Airsho are also scheduled in the coming weeks.

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Shortfinals said...

Dear Sir,

I must protest - strongly - at the assertion in the featured article that 'the the only one in the world'. This is utterly incorrect. The Shuttleworth Trust in England, own the world's oldest flying aircraft, fitted with the the world's oldest flyable aero-engine. This is a Bleriot XI of 1909, construction number 14 from the Bleriot works, and is identical to the machine which flew the English Channel (see link).
Please check your facts before publishing!

Ross Sharp
Air Show Consultants