Wednesday, October 12, 2011


On October 7th an historical formation flight took place over the skies of Culpeper Virginia. For the First Time a Percival Provost owned by Air Fest Director Michael Dale was flown in formation with a BAC 167 Strikemaster owned and flown by Andy Anderson from the jet team of Red Star and The Dragon.

The significance of the flight is that the Percival Provost, a radial engine prop trainer aircraft, was the first model in the Provost line of aircraft designed and built by the British Aircraft Corporation and the BAC 167 Strikemaster, a jet powered attack aircraft was the last model in the line. Michael sat in the right seat of Andy’s Strikemaster and witnessed his Provost as it was flown by Michael’s friend Mike Hogan in formation, Michael trained and flew the Provost while he was a pilot with the RAF. It has been 58 years since he had been in formation with a Provost. His ride in the Strikemaster completes the circle of flying in the first and last model of the Provost line.

“It was a moving experience to be in formation with a Provost again after almost 60 years since my training in the RAF. It brought back a lot of warm memories of my youth and I am most grateful to Andy, Linda and Jerry for the opportunity to re live a little of it" said Michael Dale after the flight.

Follow this link to watch as the aircraft pass overhead.

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