Friday, July 22, 2011

Thunderbirds to Fly Hometown Hero

Dayton, Ohio –Sergeant Jeff Kramer of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will take the ride of a lifetime on Friday, July 22nd with the US Air Force Thunderbirds as part of the Thunderbirds’ Hometown Hero program. Selection for the ride is based upon an individual who has sacrificed time and effort to better the community and/or someone who has heroically saved a life.  Sergeant Kramer qualifies on both accounts.

A recipient of the O.W. Merrill Meritorious Service Award in 1997, the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s highest award for valor, Sergeant Jeff Kramer assumed great risk to himself to prevent the injury and possible death of others by commandeering a vehicle driving the wrong direction on Interstate 75.  Then Trooper Kramer noticed an elderly woman driving the wrong way on I-75.  He positioned his vehicle in such a way to get the driver to slow down to the point where he was able to exit his patrol car and climb into the window of the still moving car.  He struggled with the confused driver as she continued to drive against oncoming traffic.  After several miles, Trooper Kramer took control of the woman and her vehicle, bringing the ordeal to a safe conclusion. 

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2003, Kramer now serves as the Assistant Post Commander of the Dayton Highway Patrol Post.  Recently Sergeant Kramer was selected from over 200 Highway Patrol Sergeants to represent the Ohio State Highway Patrol at Buckeye Boy’s State.  Also, Sergeant Kramer coaches both his daughters’ softball team and his son’s T-ball teams in the Tipp City, Jr. Baseball League.

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