Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saint Exupery Air Base 2011

More from our French contributor, Frederic Cottin:

Despite being strongly involved in air strikes over Lybia , The French Air Force have maintained three air shows this season.  The second occured last week and took place on BA 113 "Saint Exupery" Air Base.  Located east of France this base is home of Rafale squadrons and unfortunately for us, this part of France is one of the most rainy and coldest!

So despite of cloudy weather I decided to go to the air show.  Here are some pictures taken during this event.

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Pictures 1 and 2:  Specially dressed up for 30000th hours of fleet flight, this Rafale was lucky enough to fly during a brief moment of sun!
Pictures 3, 4 and 5: Two Mirage 2000N have made a powerful demonstration
Three acrobatic teams have come, Breitling jet team pictures 6 and 7, Patrouille de France pictures 8 9 and 10 and Jordanian Falcons with extra 300 aircrafts which were badly damaged by a hail storm on Saturday!
The Belgian Air Force came with this beautiful F-16 AM picture 11.
And last but not least the most exotic competitor was this impressive Mil MI24 "HInd" from Czech air Force. Have you ever seen a tank flying?


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