Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To All Naval Aviation Aircraft Owners, Operators and Enthusiasts:

 On 12 February 2011, Commander Naval Air Forces will be hosting the Centennial of Naval Aviation Aerial Review at Naval Air Station North Island, CA.  Our goal is to create an airborne parade of aircraft spanning a century of flight, recognizing 100 years of progress and achievement in Naval Aviation across the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. 

To this end, Commander Naval Air Forces is inviting all historic Naval Aircraft owners and operators to join us in this historic aerial review.  Not since WWI, has San Diego hosted an aviation event of this magnitude, and we endeavor to make this happen in a safe and honorable manor. 

Surrounding this flyover, there will also be an Open House on Naval Air Station North Island.  If you feel your aircraft would be better served as a static showcase for this Open House, we would be glad to provide you the space for displaying your beautiful piece of history.

If you have an aviation asset which honors the history and sacrifice of the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard and would like to participate in this historic commemoration, please contact LCDR Michael Turner (619)767-7306, Maj Stefan Maroudis, USMC (858)577-4302 or LT Kevin Albertsen at (619)545-1805

We Look forward to seeing you in February!

Fly Safe,

LT Kevin Ferguson

Naval Aviation Centennial

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