Friday, October 22, 2010

LA and The Aviators (and more!)

TV Series Updates

Oct. 22, 2010

We're On The Air!

America's #2 Public Television Station to Air The Aviators

KCET in Los Angeles, CA, serving much of southern California, is making plans to air The Aviators beginning in January 2011 - likely in mid-week, prime time!

Over the past several weeks we have received many emails from southern California aviation buffs wondering about air times for The Aviators. Well, with KCET coming on board and nearby San Bernadino already airing the show, SoCal should be Aviators-rich in short order.

Add to that KQED in the San Francisco area and the additional stations they program for and I think we might finally have the aviation hotbed state of California covered not too badly!

And the East?

Well, New York STATE is an Aviators-friendly zone with Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo (among others) as early broadcasters. But we have mixed signals in the NYC area. Several months ago we were told broadcast plans were being made, but we've since heard from many NYC-area fans that they could find no further information.

Our standing request to all of YOU, our great Aviators Army, is that you email your local PBS station (or stations - plural) to tell them YOU WANT THE AVIATORS. It is exactly this kind of grassroots movement that has proven extremely effective in many other markets across the country.

Believe it or not, some program executives may not necessarily be fans of aviation... I know... say it ain't so! In these cases, they could use some help in recognizing that THERE IS AN AUDIENCE for a show like The Aviators. As months pass and chatter within PBS continues to build they'll eventually catch on, but if you're one of those having to wait for that to happen it just doesn't seem fair does it?

Let your station know that there IS an audience. If you're in Boeing country, Seattle, WA, that goes double for you! Seattle fans just can't understand how they're missing The Aviators! Trust me, STATIONS LISTEN and EMAILS WORK! To contact your local PBS station, click here for the PBS Station Finder.

Enjoy the Show! Then Join the Conversation on Facebook

We'd love to hear what you think of the show. Join our Facebook fan page to share your thoughts and interact with other fans of the show.

Meet The Aviators at AOPA Summit, Nov. 11-13

If you're in the LA area in a few weeks be sure to catch the AOPA Summit at the Long Beach Convention Center from November 11th to 13th. The Aviators will be there with our spectacular booth in space #1301. We'll be shooting for season two and will also be featured in center stage on AOPA Live!

DVD Pre-Order Special Coming to an End

The much anticipated DVD set of "The Aviators: The Complete First Season" is due to be released in about a month. Thousands of eager fans took advantage of our special discounted pre-order offer and you can too... but only until November 15th.

Full retail price on the DVD set will be $29.99 (still great price) but until November 15th you can save $10 and pre-order for just
$19.99 (plus S&H). Shopping for all the aviation fans on your Christmas list? Order 3 DVD sets for just $49.99! An extra special value... but again, only until November 15th!

Don't miss out on this limited time offer. "The Aviators: The Complete First Season" makes a PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT so pre-order your DVD set right now at

Watch The Aviators Online NOW!

Click here to subscribe to The Aviators members area where you can watch full episodes of The Aviators online and even subscribe to The Aviators Digital Magazine (launching in November).

Online viewing is only $14.99 for the entire season!


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Subscribe to The Aviators Multimedia Pack which includes exclusive members-only access to watch episodes online AND The Aviators Digital Magazine and get FREE SHIPPING when you add The Aviators: Season One DVD set.

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Promote the show and support aviation... Please spread the word & forward this email!

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