Friday, October 1, 2010

The Aviators is On The Air!

TV Series Updates Oct. 1, 2010
We're On The Air!

A Successful Premiere Month

The buzz started back in the summer of 2009 when we released the series trailer and slowly started to spread the word about the The Aviators as shooting was underway. A year later, with the help of Zaon Flight Systems and Mid-Continent Instruments and with AOPA and EAA on board as supporters, we presented episode one to an audience of 5,000 at AirVenture. All leading up to the broadcast premiere.

Last months across Canada and in many cities across the United States The Aviators was broadcast to millions of households. Viewer response arrived quickly and was universally positive.

"Nicely done. I enjoyed it very much. Informative AND entertaining."

"The broadcast was just stunning! Enjoyed every minute!"

"Just watched in full 16:9 HD - Just downright, stand still gorgeous."

"Very well done! It has the right combination of information that pilots will find interesting, but won't leave non-pilots in the dark. Keep it coming!"

More Than We Ever Expected

We know that there's a passion for aviation out there. And that those "who have ever gazed skywards" whether they're pilots, enthusiasts, or dreamers have jet fuel coursing through their veins. We know that this is the audience of The Aviators. And last month you all really started to show yourselves!

The Aviators official website at www.TheAviators.TV absolutely smashed previous traffic records with 3.7 million hits in September alone! That's over 120,000 hits a day. There were also a host of Aviators premiere events and special screenings across the United States.

The producers of The Aviators always had confidence that the show would be well received but this is more than we could have hoped for. And for that we'd like to extend our most sincere thanks to you for your support and encouragement.

Your response shows that aviation is alive and well and has energized us. We're ready to start production on an even bigger and better season two so be sure to watch for us at aviation venues near you starting this November at AOPA Summit in Long Beach, CA.

Missing Out?

Despite the remarkable start in terms of coverage across the US and Canada, we're still a long way from where we'll be in the coming weeks and months. Several PBS stations have indeed scheduled The Aviators but existing programming has forced them to delay their launch until October, Novemeber, or longer.

Unfortunately, we really have no way of providing detailed scheduling information for specific cities. In fact we've been told that even the online schedules of many PBS stations are inaccurate beyond a few days. Some cities are airing the show as many as three times a week, some others once, and some (oddly enough) might not even have plans to air the show yet!

Viewers CAN and DO make a difference! The best way to find out about local broadcast times and to make stations NOT airing the show yet really take notice is to contact your local PBS station directly. In the latter case, the more emails they get, the more likely they are to accelerate their scheduling of The Aviators. To contact your local PBS station, click here for the PBS Station Finder.

Enjoy the Show! Then Join the Conversation on Facebook

We'd love to hear what you think of the show. Join our Facebook fan page to share your thoughts and interact with other fans of the show.

More International Broadcasters Added

We recently announced very proudly that The Aviators had been picked up by Discovery Channel in Asia. The series will premiere in Discovery's central and southwestern Asian markets and India starting in April of 2011.

Well, we're at it again! We're pleased to let you all know that we've added Russia to our growing list of broadcast nations. In fact, The Aviators returns to Cannes, France in October for another visit to the MIPCOM international television festival.

With our distributor's recent merger with an industry giant, our presence at the fall MIPCOM will be significantly bigger than it was just last spring. Despite a successful visit then, with the merger, our making a bigger splash, and the show being ready to deliver you can bet we'll be announcing more broadcasters in more countries soon!
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