Friday, October 1, 2010

P-38 Glacier Girl - Up Close & Personal... Real Close! (23 Pix)

by AirPigz

(click pic for hi-res)
(23 pix)
 I was standing in front of the extremely awesome P-38 'Glacier Girl' that was on display at the Reno Air Races, and I was thinking that I need to get some really good pictures of this airplane. But in the pit area at Reno there are all kinds of visual distractions in the background, and tho she was roped off, people could still get really close, so they were in the way too. That's when I thought, hmm, maybe I should just zoom in for some really tight shots of small details and see what happens. I could tell right away I was on the something kinda cool, so I framed several unique views of Glacier Girl, without distracting backgrounds, so you could get up close and personal... really close! I hope you enjoy the unique perspective.


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