Friday, October 1, 2010

Indy Transponder 01-OCT-2010 2345z

Thunderbirds rip through Salinas skies as air show approaches - The Salinas Californian
The team is slated to perform this weekend at the California International Airshow, but those in the Salinas area today can catch a sneak peek as the ...

Miramar Air Show pics by wantagolf
I went out this morning to setup and took a couple pics. Enjoy. Energy grils making their way to their booth. Cobra Rigid-Hual Inflatable Boat (RIB)

Bid to Be Part of “Team Goulian for a day” on AOPA’s Fundraiser
from Mike Goulian Airshows 
You can help make General Aviation better. Bid now to be one of Mike Goulian’s “Crew for a Day” at the Quonset, RI air show in June of 2011!
This auction will help fund critical preservation and improvement initiatives that the AOPA Foundation supports to ensure the future of general aviation including ...

UAE aerobatic display team nears readiness - Flightglobal
"We expect to complete the advanced flying aerobatic course with the Frecce Tricolori in January 2011, after which we will refine our preparation in the UAE ...

US balloonists plunged at 50 mph, likely dead - WTHR Home
Two missing American balloonists plunged toward the Adriatic Sea at 50 mph (80 kph) before disappearing from radar screens and likely didn't survive, race organizers said Friday.

Golden Knights and 82nd All American Freefall Team Join Forces to Honor the “Triple Nickle” from US Army Golden Knights 
Jumpers land honoring the 555th "Triple Nickel" Two members of the Tandem Team, and the 82nd All American Freefall Team put on a aerial demonstration for the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment “Triple Nickle” alumni on September 9, 2010. The jump was a stack out formation, with SFC Mike Elliott leading the team in freefall. SFC Mike Elliott is also a lifetime [...]

In the name of peace and harmony-Boise Bee from
Restored P-51 takes to the skies!

Interview with George Andre: Former SR-71 Test Pilot, Owner/Pilot of Race 3 “Zipper” a Pitts S-1C by warbirdbabe [video]
George Andre is a fun-loving, serious pilot whom I throughly enjoyed talking with early in the week at Reno.
George is the oldest pilot racing in any of the six classes presented at the Reno Air Races and most likely is one of only a handful of men racing who have flown, within the earths atmosphere, at +2,200 mph – about mach 2.2.
George has quite a collection of aircraft experiences...

My Amazing Flight -
A B-17 bomber flew into Lunken Airport for Lunken Days this weekend, and I was able to come aboard and take photos during a media flight. ...

Restored WWII bomber showcased at Blue Grass Airport - Lexington Herald Leader
A restored World War II era B-17 bomber will be available for rides and tours at Lexington's Blue Grass ...

The Delta Heritage Museum is Open to the Public Tomorrow and You Should Go
from The Cranky Flier 
If you’re a commercial aviation fan, the Delta Heritage Museum in Atlanta should be on the must-visit list. The only Delta Museum in Original Atlanta Hangarproblem? It’s usually only open to Delta employees and not to the public (without an appointment). That rule, however, is broken once a year ...

Attn: Atlanta! Airline Collectibles Show 10/2/10 from Delta Air Lines Blog 
Hey Delta Blog readers! Come on out to the Delta Museum tomorrow for the 24th Annual Atlanta Airline Collectibles Show and Sale!
Over 50 vendors will be selling everything from airplane seats to model planes and playing cards. The Museum Store will be open, and The Spirit of Delta, the Boeing 767 that employees purchased in1982. ...

October 1 from Cut and Paste Aviation 

Harrison Ford to Receive Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy
from EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association
Harrison Ford, pilot, actor, and former chairman of the EAA Young Eagles program, will receive the National Aeronautic Association's (NAA) 2010 Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy at the annual Wright Memorial Dinner on Friday, December 17, in Washington, D.C.

Victoria Neuville from Flight To Success by Karlene Petitt
Victoria’s life is a novel with the perfect ending yet to be written.
Every novel needs a protagonist, an inciting incident, a goal, a point where the protagonist’s unyielding commitment to their goal is noted, and then the challenges begin. Like every award winning movie, the protagonist doesn’t give up despite those obstacles, and succeeds in achieving her goals.
Slapped in the face with the flying bug, at a very young age, was Victoria’s inciting incident. When she turned sixteen she attended ground school and took her ...

Human Powered Flight back in focus at Royal Aeronautical Society from Flightglobal Events
Human-powered aircraft brings to mind anything from Icarus crashing into the sea to the gloriously flimsy Gossamer Albatross skimming the waves of the English Channel - or Icarus-like costumed "birdmen" flinging themselves off Brighton Pier.

Delta Turns Pink—It Must be October! from Delta Air Lines Blog 
Here at Delta during the month of October, you’d be hard pressed to walk 5 minutes without seeing something pink. Pink plane, pink lemonade, pink uniforms, pink jelly beans, pink iPhone app and more! In fact, if you found yourself in Terminal T at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport yesterday morning, you may have noticed a gatehouse swarming with more than 100 energetic women decked out in their finest pink dresses, T-shirts, and yes—even glittery pink cowboy boots.
These women, all Delta employees and breast cancer survivors, were preparing for the departure of a  ...

NBAA 2010 Preview from : Latest News 
Later this month, the 63rd annual NBAA meeting and convention opens at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The NBAA Convention won’t reappear in Atlanta for some time, as the next four shows are scheduled for Las Vegas (2011), Orlando (2012), Las Vegas (2013) and then again in Orlando (2014).
The NBAA Convention remains a key date on business aviation’s  ...

FAA Issues First-Ever Spaceport Grants to Strengthen Commercial Space Activities
from Aviation Blogs 
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a new grant program designed to fund projects that develop and expand commercial space transportation infrastructure.  The Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching Grants will be awarded to four separate projects located in Alaska, California, Florida, and New Mexico.


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