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Indy Transponder 02-OCT-2010 2030z

Homes evacuated after Miramar Air Show plane loses fuel tank
Southwest Riverside News Network
By Staff, City News Service An external fuel tank from a large cargo plane flying in the Miramar Air Show fell on a home in Carmel Mountain today and ...

Hose From Refueling Aircraft In Miramar Air Show Falls On House - 10 News
SAN DIEGO -- An aerial refueling hose and its receiving arm fell off the nose of a large cargo plane flying in the Miramar Air Show onto a home in Carmel Mountain Saturday, spilling jet fuel on the home's roof and damaging it. ...
photo via Wikipedia Commons

The Miramar Air Show: A Tradition - NBC San Diego
Hundreds of thousands of people will descend on MCAS Miramar this weekend for the annual Miramar air show. On Saturday, The Blue Angels, ...

Morning report: waking with the jets - San Diego Union Tribune
Sean Tucker's Oracle biplane opened the festivities with what he called a "practice run" that was full of aerial loops, nosedives and plenty of cool smoke. ...

Salinas hero flies with Thunderbirds before California International Airshow ... The Salinas Californian | As the F-16 jet plane barreled through its practice run, Ramirez experienced all the maneuvers the Thunderbirds will perform this weekend at the California ...
Flying Circus today in Oroville - Enterprise-Record
OROVILLE — The Oroville Air Corps will host the 2nd annual Flying Circus air show from 8 am to 5 pm today featuring remote-control aircraft flown by ...

Kent Peach - Deadstick from 
Kent Peach - Deadstick    September 30, 2010 Kent Peach's famous Deadstick Aeobatic routine, performed at the Reno Air Races. September 19 2010

The Reno Air Race Experience - Moose Peterson's Website
You might just be wondering where I've been today. Well, to be honest, asleep! The Reno Air Race experience is an amazing one, also amazingly tiring. With an average of less then five hours of sleep a day, it's go, go, go and I'm not ...

Divers join efforts to find U.S. balloonists; pair had ties to balloon events in Reno area from | ROME (AP) - Scuba divers joined in the search efforts Saturday for two American balloonists who went missing in the Adriatic Sea, but searchers said that hope of finding them alive is fading.

Caption Contest #36 Winner - Opposites Attract! - AirPigz
Matt Everett from is the winner of Caption Contest #36 - nice job Matt! This certainly was an odd and intriguing picture of an A-12 model mounted on a stick for radar testing. The ....

WWII 82nd Abn vets meet in hospital from Military Photos 
Just before Benjamin Klein’s open-heart surgery, his surgeon told him not to be afraid. Mr. Klein, who is 90, scoffed.
“He said, ‘There’s nothing you can do that I can’t get through — I’ve been through Normandy,’ ” recalled the surgeon, Dr. Leonard Girardi. ...

A&S Interview: Mike Carriker from Air & Space Magazine

October 2 from Cut and Paste Aviation 

Supermarine Walrus being hoisted onto HMS RODNEY from Planeshots
More photos of the Sumarine Walrus here.

“An F-16 Fighting Falcon fires an AIM-9 missile off the... from x planes

Young Eagles Rally October 2nd | EAA Chapter 780
The chapter will be hosting a Young Eagles Rally on October 2nd. Please come down and support the next generation of Aviation enthusiasts. This entry was posted in Chapter News. Bookmark the permalink. ← Welcome to the new chapter site ...

Upgraded from RLV and Space Transport News
An message points me to Buzz Aldrin's newly revamped and more elaborate website at It includes sections ranging from his space advocacy work to his technical concepts.
I hope I'm as busy as Buzz when I'm 80.

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