Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final Flight - Harold Burgeson

Harold Burgeson passed away Saturday morning, October 23, 2010 of heart failure. Known as Burgie by his contemporaries in the Roadrunners, Burgie never got around to posting his bio on the website. However, he is remembered as being an Air Force officer serving at Groom Lake as a member of the operations staff in the 1129th SAS during the CIA A-12 Project OXCART. Burgie, OXCART call sign "Dutch 12" was an excellent pilot and one of the IP's who trained the CIA A-12 project pilots in the A-12 trainer. Col. Sam Pizzo says it best to describe Burgie when he reported on their time together on duty in Europe, "I have met many many good people during my 30 years while wearing the Blue however he was the ONLY one that I met whom I NEVER EVER saw lose his temper or cool. His near death experience on Okinawa while serving on the A 12 deployment is a story in itself." Memorial service will be at 12:00 noon, Thursday, October 28th at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX.  He will then be buried at the National Cemetery at Ft.Sam Houston in San Antonio at 2:00pm.

Info provided by Roadrunners Internationale
Photo provided by Burgeson family

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