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Wings of Dreams: Fly-In / Cruise-In Breakfast - D-Day 70th Anniversary

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Fly-In/Cruise-In Breakfast
Saturday, June 7, 2014
8:00 am - 10:00 am
(Rain or Shine)
Keystone Heights Airport, Florida (42J)
Former Keystone Army Airfield - WWII Air Base



In the early morning of June 6, 1944, thousands of ships, tanks, planes, and troops crossed the English Channel and landed on the coast of France. The United States, United Kingdom and Canada led the assault phase with the help of allies from nine other countries after amphibious landings on five beaches code named Juno, Gold, Omaha, Utah and Sword.

The Battle of Normandy lasted until August 1944, leading to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany's control.

Join us to commemorate this anniversary, remember the more than 9,000 Allied soldiers killed or wounded on this day, and honor the D-Day/Normandy Campaign veterans who will be attending our Fly-In.

Rufus Broadaway, 82nd Airborne (pending)
Lionel Capoldo, U.S. Navy, ETO & PTO
Joe Kowalski, U.S. Army, First Division
Leo McCracken, U.S. Army, Third Army
Bob Overton, U.S. Army, Third Army
Tom Santarsiero, U.S. Army, 28th Division
Bill Scruggs, U.S. Army Air Forces, 8th Air Force
Bob Ziller, U.S. Army - Medic with the Third Army

"In our youth, our hearts were touched by fire."
                                       Oliver Wendell Holmes


We would like to thank Diane Fischler for facilitating the attendance of these D-Day/Normandy Campaign veterans.
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Johnny's Bar-B-Q & Catering
Express Air Flight School
- Photos by Trace Choulat
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   Unicorn Web
Facility provided by Keystone Heights Airport

Scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits, fruit, juice, coffee

$7 per person
$4 per child (9 & under)

Free breakfast for WWII and Korean War veterans

First come, first served
All proceeds to benefit Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum


Call:  352-256-8037
Download Fly-In Flyer
Download New Wings of Dreams Overview  

  Elevation: 196 ft.
  Pattern Altitude 1196
  CTAF/UNICOM - 122.7

  WX AWOS-3 - 124.275
  JAX APPROACH - 121.3

  Airport Office: 352-473-0031

Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum | 7100 Airport Road | Starke | FL | 32091

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