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The Aviators: iTunes Season 4 Release Today!

The BIGGEST Aviation Show on the Planet
September 17th, 2013

Watch Season 4 NOW on iTunes!
Season 4 of The Aviators premiered on iTunes this morning at 9:00 am ET and within just two hours had already broken the iTunes Top 10 chart for Non-fiction TV Series!

Click here to watch the first episode of Season 4 on iTunesSeason passes are available and new episodes will be released every Tuesday!

Use Your Zip to Find Season 4 on TV

Season 4 is being released to PBS on September 16th. At that time, some stations will air it right away and others may schedule it for weeks or months later. 
The best way to find out when we air in your area is to use a simple and very popular tool we've made available to our fans. 
Click Here and enter your zip code for personalized listing of The Aviators in your area!
cc PBS 
If your local station isn't currently scheduled to air the show, contact your PBS station and let them know you want The Aviators!

Welcome to Season 4

The Aviators 4: Episode 4.01 Teaser
The Aviators 4: Episode 4.01 Teaser

Episode Guide


FLS Microjet: This spunky little jet weighs in at a mere 400 pounds! We profile this incredible (and tiny) aircraft and its full-sized pilot.

SR-71: SR-71 Pilot Terry Pappas tells us what its like to be one of just 478 people who have flown this stealthy Strategic Reconnaissance aircraft.

Sean D. Tucker: We get to know the man behind the famous red Oracle plane and watch his death-defying aerobatics up close.


Zenith 801: No runway? No problem! We challenge the limits faced in the world of bush flying in this amazing utilitarian aircraft.

Legacy Flight: A tribute to our flying heroes, past and present.

ILS Testing: The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is a precise system used to help planes land almost blind. We do some extreme flying in a CRJ-200 to test the system.

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Watch Season 4 NOW on iTunes
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Season 4 Episode Guide

Watch Season 4... NOW!
Watch brand new episodes from season 4 of The Aviators directly from our website. This is the ideal solution for international fans who can't get us on iTunes. All four seasons are now online!

Pre-Order Now!

MEGA Packs, mini Packs, and Quad Season Sets containing season 4 DVDs are now available for pre-order! Orders will ship by Oct. 31st.

Season 4 on Blu-ray!
For those who would have it no other way... yes, season 4 will be available on Blu-ray! HD fans loved season 3 in 1080p and now will be able to add season 4 to their collection. Blu-ray discs and sets are now available for pre-order and will ship no later than Oct. 31st.

An iTunes Hit... Again!
iTunes 3 of 10
Season 4 premiered this morning, the day after its release to PBS. Last season "The Aviators" jumped to the top of iTunes Charts when season 3 premiered in September and continues to hold strong chart positions three months later! Season 4 broke the Top 10 Charts within just two hours of its release! Enjoy all 4 Seasons on iTunes right now - CLICK HERE
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