Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aviation Photography Workshops

3G Aviation Media has begun a series of workshops to teach the skills necessary to pull off a successful sunset or sunrise static aviation photo shoot. The teams mission of these workshops is: To provide attendees an opportunity to learn, plan, execute and develop as photographers in a small-group environment while working with first-rate aviation subjects.
More simply, the 3G team boils this down to four words:
  • Learn – Plan – Execute – Develop.
  • Learn the skills required for your photoshoot.
  • Plan the details of the shoot so that as little as possible is left to chance
  • Execute the photoshoot, staying flexible and adaptive
  • Develop as a photographer, learning from your experiences, both the good and the bad.
The 3G Team had started planning a series of aviation workshops for early 2014, but in April of this year, 3G Aviation Media made a connection with the CAF Dixie Wing through the International Society for Aviation Photography (ISAP).   During an ISAP lunch at SUN n FUN, the 3G team first met with Moreno Mo" Aguiari,  The Dixie Wing’s Marketing Coordinator, who had recently joined ISAP and  was looking for photographers to partner with the CAF.  After several discussions over the course of a few months, it was decided to accelerate the workshop timeline and host the first event at the CAF Dixie Wing facility at Falcon field in Peachtree City, Georgia.
This November we will be hosting this fantastic learning event at the Commemorative Air Force: Dixie Wing, located in Peachtree City, GA with (4) classic WWII aircraft along with models and reenactors.  The agenda is full of practical hands on shooting, classroom learning session can be found on our website 3G Aviation Media.

About 3g Aviation Media
3G Aviation Media is a joint venture between a group of aviation photographers who wanted to partner for specific projects while still retaining their own brand and artistic identity. The three “G”s of the team are: Tony Granata, Matt Genuardi and Doug Glover. Each of them has a different shooting style and each also brings a unique set of skills to the table. As an instructor, Tony Granata brings his expertise in post-processing of an image, and has a wealth of experience shooting from helicopters. Having spent quite a few years as a photography manager for a major entertainment company, Matt Genuardi specializes in working with models and professional lighting equipment. The itinerant nature of his previous life in the US Marine Corps has made Doug Glover the expert in “packing for the location,” and as a Forward Air Controller instructor (ground and airborne) he is the team’s flight briefer and pilot liaison.

About the Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing
The Commemorative Air Force was founded to acquire, restore and preserve in flying condition a complete collection of combat aircraft which were flown by all military services of the United States, and selected aircraft of other nations, for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations of Americans.The Dixie Wing was approved as the 83rd CAF unit on February 28, 1987, and has since displayed its collection of vintage World War II aircraft in numerous air shows throughout the Southeast. The wing is a non-profit, tax-exempt "flying museum" that depends on contributions of time and funds to carry out its mission.

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