Monday, September 9, 2013

Indy Transponder 09-SEP-2013 2030z

2013 Reno Air Races - LIVE Broadcast - LiveAirShowTV | It's the 50th Reno National Championship Air Races. If you can't be in Reno, watch it LIVE from LiveAirShowTV!

Getting Ready to Race at Reno -, Mark Hrutkay | The Sunday before the races is a quiet time. The pit areas are set up and in some cases airplanes have been on the field for over a week. No real restrictions yet, no need for tickets, pit passes or such. In a way it reminds me of the way airports and flight lines used to be before terrorists were lurking around every corner, the TSA didn’t exist and everyone who loved aviation wasn’t a threat to national security....

2013 Reno Air Races - Heritage Invitational Preview - LiveAirShowTV | This is the 15th year for the National Aviation Heritage Invitational! Over 30 aircraft will be on the ramp during the 50th Reno National Championship Air Races vying for the coveted Neil A. Armstrong Aviation Heritage Trophy. Here is a preview of some of the planes that will be there.

Reno Week Begins As Precious Metal Sneaks In Under The Wire - AirPigz |Qualifying at the 50th anniversary Reno Air Races begins today, and fortunately for Thom Richard (and his Precious Metal P-51) he arrived from Florida just in time yesterday to be eligible to race. The combination of his race engine failing in a recent ground run, the time needed to build up a useable last-minute replacement engine, and weather that wasn't safe to make the journey from Florida all ran the clock right down to the wire!...

Balloon race winners take part of $11K purse from | The top 10 Great Reno Balloon Race winners, who will receive part of the $11,000 purse.

Photos: Sunday's Great Reno Balloon Race from

Photo gallery: Photos from today's Great Reno Balloon Race from | Reno Gazette-Journal photographer Marilyn Newton provides more photographs from today's Great Reno Balloon Race.

Fall Fly Days at Cavanaugh Flight Museum - Dallas News Photo Gallery

From Evanflys | Hello all my aviation friends! Just writing to give an update and share some stuff I've done. We went to the Santa Rosa Wings Over Wine Country show: | We also went to Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historics vintage races: | Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to go to Reno this year because my dad tore his calf badly playing tennis and can't walk. But here is a video his friend Yannick Barthe made that's is really good about disabled people going flying: | I'm a sophomore now and having a great school year! I hope all of you are having a great fall as well. Hope to see you all soon! Evan

Nev. cadets take flight at Sky Fair - Headline News - Civil Air Patrol | Today, September 9th 1:00am Today, September 9th 12:06pm NEVADA – Cadets from Civil Air Patrol’s Elko Composite Squadron had a big time flying the blue skies over Elko during the 2013 Sky Fair. Planes of all sizes and models, along with a hot-air balloon, provided aerial entertainment for community members throughout the day....

Green Speed Cup – Training Day is Over and Day One Establishes a Record - CAFE Foundation Blog | Happily for those of us who champion the idea of electric aircraft, the practice day and day one of the Green Speed Cup in Strausberg, Germany fetched a world electric aircraft distance record for e-Genius and an outstanding showing for all concerned. This beginning for the third running of the Cup sets a high standard for the coming days...

FlightTime Radio Show 294

Arado 196 — best in class? - Travel for Aircraft | Arado’s Ar 196 served primarily in the Kreigsmarine (German Navy) during World War II as a reconnaissance seaplane. Assigned to warships, such as the Admiral Hipper and the Prinz Eugen, the Ar 196 also operated from shore based units for patrolling duties as well as special insertion duties. Prototypes were built[…]

Astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher to Speak October, 2nd | So Cal Aero Club | Astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher, a graduate of San Pedro High School and UCLA, will speak to Aero Club of Southern California members and guests at a dinner meeting at the following location: San Pedro Elks Lodge 966, – at...

Do you have the right stuff to be a space tourist? - CNN

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