Friday, March 22, 2013

Texoma 100 Air Race

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IT IS ONLY 2 WEEKS until the start of the 2013 SPORT AIR RACING LEAGUE SEASON!
The 6th ANNUAL TEXOMA 100 AIR RACE is ready to GO ON APRIL 6, 2013.
NORTH TEXAS REGIONAL AIRPORT is the home of the TEXOMA 100. Their support and the efforts of airport manager, Mike Shahan, make this event possible.

lLancair 235, pilot Dennis Collins, Arizona is racing in the Sprint Class. caption text here.
All pilots with fixed wing, propeller driven aircraft are eligible to take part. Whether you fly a turbine powered dream machine or a Cessna 182, there is a class for you. A second "Short" race course is provided for aircraft with a limited range and/or a top speed of less than 100mph. There is a new SUPERSPORT class for experimentals and a Rally class that lets a pilot predict his speed and fly the course at any power setting.
To date, twelve classes have entries. The RV Blue class promises some great competition among the RV6s. Dr. Henry Punzi has a new Mooney M20J Missile and will be giving the Bonanzas some real competition in Factory 1RG class. Norm and Helen Biron are looking for competition for their Glastar in Experimental Formula Blue FX. Mike Patey has a new engine and a new class for his Lancair Legacy. All are excited to see what this team will do. A current list of entries is available at WHO"S IN.

Ken k #118
Ken Krebaum, #118, Texas is currently the only RV8 challenging the RV6s
The Hampton Inn, Denison, TX, has a room block for the racers and offers courtesy airport shuttle. There is early registration on Friday afternoon followed by a complimentary steak dinner at "Race Central". Flying starts at 11am on Saturday April 6th with a rain date of Sunday April 7th. Mandatory briefing at 10am. Pilots are encouraged to enter now to be included in the event program. No one will be turned away but entries close at 9:45am April 6th.
Seasoned racers will gather to renew old friendships, rookies will be welcomed into the fold and all will have great memories of a flight well done.
ENTER NOW and take home your official t-shirt, decal, bag of goodies and awards and prizes. THE FLYING PIG goes home with the pilot who flew the SLOWEST speed of the day.
The Pig
Event Organizer
Patricia Purcell
xoma 100 Air Race

Texoma 100 Air Race | 945 Short Road | Sadler | TX | 76264

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