Monday, March 11, 2013

International Air Meet

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Mike Smith thumbs uup
   Champion Racer, Mike Smith, Brandon, MS, gives cross country air racing an enthsiastic "Thumbs Up".  Mike is flying his SX-300 on the race course.

Pilots will gather at Durant, OK on June 6-9, 2013.  They come to do what they love best....FLY!  
Pilots will enjoy the camaraderie of their peers and share their passion for all things aviation.
The International Air Meet-Championship Cross Country Air Races is a venue for the sport of Cross Country Air Racing.  This meet offers two racing events.  Pilots arrive in fixed wing propeller driven aircraft to test their planes and their skills.  Records will be set.  Pilots strive to fly the best and the fastest cross country of their lives.  All will be part of an historic event and take home with them many rewards.  Some rewards arfe tangible, some are even more precious.  This experience is unmatched.

#17 Damon Ring
Damon Ring's  Vans RV-8 is current reocrd holder RV Gold Class.

The competition is timed.  There is a class for everyone.  The family Cessna 172, the Vans that is a builder's pride, the company Piaggio and the P-51 Mustang.  Cross country air racing takes place in the real world of flying and all FAR's are strictly adhered to.  Aircraft are used for the most part for purposeful transportation and racing is in that realm.  Who can make the "trip" the fastest?  A fast plane needs a skilled pilot.  Those skills are possessed by all with a current license.  Participation is open to all fixed wing propeller driven aircraft and all pilots.

Patey Bros
Patey Bros, Provo, Utah fly the Lancairs to beat in 2013.  They are powered by 8 clyclinder Lycomings.
The Air Meet is sanctioned by the Sport Air Racing League.  On Friday, June 7, a 100nm round robin race will take place.  This event will use the Sport League classes and points will be awarded toward the annual League championships.The 5 turn course is fast and exciting.  Awards for this race will be the evening of June 7.  On Saturday June 8, the 600nm Championship Cup event takes off.  Racers may start at thier own discretion once the race window opens and must return by deadline.  There are two no penalty stops on the route.  This race offers expanded classes and the Championship Cup awards.  All racers fly the sanctioned League classes but no League Championship points will be awarded.  There are Challenge Classes for 3 or more of the same make/model of aircraft.  The Cup Championships recognize the very fstest in 13 categories.  The categories are for Experimental, Factory and Heavy Metal and are divided by single engine, twin engine, normally aspirated, turbo/super charged and turbine/propjet.

Louise Scudieri
Louise Scudieri, Decatur, TX is looking for competitioin for her Eagle Cessna 182 with 275hp.
Durant Municipal Airport is ready to welcome all to their new terminal facility. 
The Choctaw Resort Casino is adjacent to "Race Central".  Racers have a world class facility to relax and bed down at.  There is a room block for the event offering reduced rates. 
Sponsorships make the Air Meet possible.  Please take the time to use the BE A SPONSOR link on the Air Meet web site.  There are sponsorships starting at $50 for a class award and program ads are very reasonable.  Limited vendor space is available free of charge on a first come basis.  Becoma a sponsor and be part of making this historic event happen!

Patricia Purcell
High Velocity Events LLC

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