Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Capture the Airshow Excitement...Up Close

California Capital Airshow announces the 2012 Photo Tour

From state-of-the-art military aircraft, gravity-defying aerobatics, and a huge roster of aviation displays and activities, a day at the California Capital Airshow (CCA) is a fantastic and memorable experience, whether you're already an avid fan or simply want to learn how to take great aviation photos.

The USAF Thunderbirds will be roaring into Sacramento this September 8th and 9th for the seventh annual California Capital Airshow. Bigger, faster, louder, and more colorful than ever before, this year’s show is not to be missed. You will not only have a front row seat to the future of aviation, but also the opportunity to experience the past nine decades of aviation history. The 2012 Photo Tour is a great opportunity for non-media photographers, granting unprecedented access to Airshow grounds.

Tyson V. Rininger, the official CCA photographer, will be conducting a seminar on techniques used by professionals to capture those jaw-dropping photographs that make us stare in awe. He will cover lighting and exposure, different modes of shooting, and give a briefing on equipment used by the professionals in the field of aviation photography. This seminar will also feature the latest in state-of-the-art camera bodies and lenses for attendees to look at and ask questions about. This seminar is for both the hobbyist and professional alike!

Arrive early each day and get your desired spot in one of the ‘Photo Tour’ areas for a day of historic and modern helicopters, refueling assets, transports, and fighters from all over. The action will be fast and furious as large numbers of aircraft arrive for the weekend’s show. As the arrival and recovery operations conclude, prepare yourself to walk the static ramp and take uncluttered shots of the aircraft once they are parked and secured for the weekend.

You will be able to capture those early morning shots as the morning dew glistens off the skin and canopies of the jets. As the morning progresses and the airport wakes up, make sure you get on the shuttle and over to your spot in the exclusive ‘Photo Tour’ location as we clear the skies in preparation for our heart-pounding aerial display. Please note that Thursday and Friday at the airport are not open to the public, and access can only be granted through your ‘Photo Tour’ membership.

Distinguished ‘Photo Tour’ membership gives you special access before and after the general public for both days of the show so you can capture those sunrise and uncluttered shots, admission to show grounds, VIP parking, refreshments provided during your time at the airport, as well as the pleasure of being with other aviation photographers and enthusiasts from around the world. You will enjoy locations close to aircraft taking off, landing, performing, and taxiing to capture those once in a lifetime photo opportunities.

California Capital Airshow 2012 Photo Tour - Sacramento, California
September 6th through 9th, 6:00am-6:00pm each day

For details and registration information, please visit:

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