Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black Diamond Jet Team Adjusts Aircraft Lineup

LAKELAND, FL (June 6, 2012) – Black Diamond Jet Team, a civilian-owned aerobatic jet team based in Lakeland, FL, has announced that due to some recent developments, they will be reducing the number of aircraft available for performances during the remainder of the 2012 air show season. Several show sites will see a 5-jet formation flying the signature formation maneuvers while some sites may receive a 2-jet performance.

Although the entire team regrets any disappointment this may cause their fans and show organizers, the change is due to some positive developments. Unlike most jet teams of this size, which are typically flown by the military, the pilots and crew of Black Diamond Jet Team all have other career responsibilities. In 2011, the pilots and management of Black Diamond Jet Team jointly formed a separate corporation that has evolved in to a large defense contracting company.  This adjustment to the lineup comes as a result of increased demand for their contracting services.

The team will immediately begin coordinating with air show organizers regarding the change.

Jared Isaacman, Right Wing of Black Diamond Jet Team and CEO of the team’s sponsor Harbortouch, states, “It is no secret that the team’s pilots and management are partners in a defense contracting company. We have been in business together for nearly a year outside of our Black Diamond responsibilities. During the last few months, the size of that organization has grown to over fifty tactical jet aircraft with dozens of employees. It is because of this tremendous growth and demand for our services that we are unable to give 100% of our resources to the Black Diamond Jet Team. The last thing we wanted to do was disappoint our fans and show organizers, which is why we were able to reallocate our resources in order to continue to perform at all of our committed show sites. Unfortunately, we will have to perform at these shows with fewer aircraft. The performances will still be spectacular and we have no doubt that the crowds will enjoy them.”

Jared adds, “Over the last two years, the pilots and crew of the Black Diamond Jet Team have had some of the greatest times of our lives performing in front of millions of people. We want to assure our fans and show organizers that the Black Diamond Jet Team is not going away. You will continue to find us on the show circuit for many years to come.”

About Black Diamond Jet Team
Black Diamond Jet Team, based in Lakeland, FL, is one of the largest and most dynamic air show teams in North America, operating seven civilian-owned, ex-military jet aircraft. Fully sponsored by Harbortouch, the team includes five L-39s and two Mig-17s painted in a distinctive arctic camouflage. The 2011 and 2012 seasons were dedicated to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, and the team members and Harbortouch are working with local chapters to raise awareness for the organization. For more information, visit

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