Wednesday, May 9, 2012

California Capital Airshow Inspires Youth to Dream Beyond the Horizon

Caring community partners join together to introduce Sacramento youth to an eye-opening day of endless opportunity and life-changing possibilities

On Sunday, May 6, over 200 youth from the Sacramento region were given an opportunity that many could only dream of. As part of a joint effort, the California Capital Airshow (CCA), Sacramento Jet Center, The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center, law enforcement partners and many local pilots introduced regional youth to an eye-opening day of endless opportunity, inspiration and life-changing possibilities that await them around colorful airplanes, helicopters, police and fire vehicles, and more.  The event has been aptly named, Positive Altitude.

Statistics show that exposure to such unique and interactive experiences expand a young person’s     imagination and broadens their outlook on life, as well as their view of the world.     ‘Positive Altitude’     isn’t just about aviation or the thrill of flying; this event is so much more. It is about the opportunities     that lie ahead if these young people are given the tools to succeed. Half the battle is exposing children to     life beyond their neighborhoods, the latest gang, or their family legacy. With this unique event CCA      hoped to truly inspire these kids to strive for a better life and achieve the greatness that we all know they     possess.

In order to participate in Positive Altitude, each child was required to submit an application and/or essay (six essay winners were chosen and given the opportunity to fly).  Training aircraft from Mach 5 Aviation were on standby at the Sacramento Jet Center to take the lucky winners beyond the horizon! The young pilots were rewarded for their efforts and paired with an experienced instructor pilot for an introductory flight lesson and a chance to get hands on experience and truly feel the thrill of flying a private aircraft. Each student pilot received a framed ‘First Flight’ certificate and pilot’s log book signed by their instructor.

The kids enjoyed lunch, refreshments, t-shirts, and interactive opportunities such as unique aircraft and     vehicle displays, police cars, fire trucks and more. Many aviation-related community partners were on     hand to share stories, knowledge, and fun!

Guests then headed over to the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center, where they enjoyed a     private tour and the opportunity to explore the Museum’s newest interactive exhibits. This was the     second year for the event – but you can expect to see ‘Positive Altitude’ take place for many years to     come. The looks of excitement and curiosity on these kid’s faces throughout the day were simply     unforgettable.

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Established in 2004, the California Capital Airshow has become one of the largest and highly-respected airshows in the nation.  As part of its community relations, the non-profit organization has awarded over 80 scholarships to deserving students from our region with an interest in science, technology, engineering, math, aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics.  For more information about the California Capital Airshow, please visit or join us on Facebook.

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