Thursday, May 31, 2012

Air Force Wounded Veteran Becomes Pilot

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Congratulations to Able Flight pilot Tyler Ryan upon his graduation from Dowling College with a degree in aviation!

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Tony Pizzifred with instructor Patti Vest
Tony Pizzifred & instructor Patti Vest
 Tony Pizzifred is a member of a very select group, a distinction he'd rather not have. In the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the number of Air Force veterans who were wounded in combat is quite small compared to the other services, but on March 13, 2004, while serving as an MP at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, Tony stepped on a landmine and lost his left leg below the knee. 
Remarkably, after rehabilitation and therapy, Tony returned to duty in the Middle East as the first Air Force MP amputee to do so.
Now, working at Cape Canaveral in rocket launch operations, Tony began to learn to fly in Texas and then with Voyager Aviation in Florida, and was close to completion when he ran short of funds. With a scholarship from Able Flight he completed his training and passed his checkride on May 13th. To learn more about Tony, visit here.
May 19 marked the kickoff of more than five weeks of intensive flight and ground school instruction for six Able Flight Scholarship winners who are training at Purdue University.
The six student pilots are Jason Jernigan of Florida, Wesley Major of Delaware, Devon Radloff of Wisconsin, Tyrell Rhodes of Illinois, Steven Scott of California and Matt Sponaugle of West Virginia.
The students' typical day consists of a training flight in the morning followed by a post flight briefing with their Purdue instructor, ground school and independent study, and weather permitting, an afternoon or early evening flight followed by another briefing.
Professor Bernie Wulle of Purdue coordinates the program for Able Flight, and the Light Sport Aircraft used for training are an adapted Sky Arrow 600 from Philly Sport Pilot, and another adapted Sky Arrow and a  FK9 MKIV, both from Hansen Air Group.
Thanks to the support of the TBMOPA Foundation, Able Flight pilot Jessica Scharle has been awarded a scholarship to train at Falcon Aviation Academy to  become an FAA-certified Airline Dispatcher.
In 2008, Jessica became the first woman to earn her pilot certificate with an Able Flight scholarship, and later earned her Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate, all while working a full-time job in the Atlanta area.
Jessica Scharle portrait
Able Flight pilot
Jessica Scharle

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