Thursday, April 21, 2011

ICE PILOTS on National Geographic Channel (begins Fri 4/22)

Ice Pilots, which begins this Friday, April 22, chronicles the extraordinary adventures of the Buffalo Airlines crew - true Arctic aviators in every sense of the word - who fly WWII-era classic propeller planes to deliver food and fuel to far-flung locations in the Northwest Territories (NWT) of Canada.

Ice Pilots: Nightmare Landing Friday, April 22, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT
Rookie co-pilot Scott and Buffalo Airlines captain AJ face their worst nightmare when low fog and engine malfunction of the Curtiss C-46 Commando result in one of the toughest landings of their lives.  Ambitious young flyer Alex must prove himself when Buffalo’s chief pilot, Arnie, gives him control of the 20-ton Douglas DC-4 for the very first time.  And the boss’ son Mikey gets in hot water when Joe, his father and president of Buffalo Airlines, needs the Douglas DC-3 for backup, but it’s nowhere near ready to fly.

Ice Pilots: Deadly Winds Friday, April 29, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT
Christmas is just around the corner, and the Northern Territories in Canada depend on Buffalo Airways more than ever to fly in food and supplies.  But the engine in the C-46 freezes up in the tiny town of Norman Wells, stranding Scott and AJ, while mechanic Chuck must attempt a bare-handed engine swap in the minus 30°C deep freeze — on a remote tarmac.  Back at Yellowknife, pressure from customers and co-workers pushes cargo manager Kelly Jurasevich to reroute the Christmas food and goods.  But when the landing gear on the backup C-46 gets stuck, captain Devan Brooks must turn back.  Meanwhile, the crew struggles to get the goods out of Buffalo Airlines headquarters to meet the demand of NWT residents. 

Ice Pilots: Deadly Cargo Friday, May 6, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT
A string of bad luck turns chief pilot Arnie’s 66th birthday run into the flight from hell when the exterior of the plane threatens to stall as it ices up while in flight — and unfortunately, the plane doesn’t have deicing equipment built in.  Will they make it?  Fresh out of flight school, Jeremy is desperate to move up the ranks, but newbie Audrey Marchand’s enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude impresses the boss and could throw a wrench into Jeremy’s plans to move up.  After the team works all night to turn the DC-4 into a flying gas tanker, new co-pilot Alex flies a tricky fuel haul and grabs the chance to execute his first takeoff and try some rare “low flying” over the spectacular northern landscape.
Ice Pilots: State of Emergency Friday, May 13, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT
When a power failure leaves the tiny region of Rankin Inlet exposed to the brutal northern elements, DC-4 captain Justin races to deliver two massive generators to the secluded community before sundown.  Jeremy is determined to become a co-pilot — and beat co-worker Audrey into the seat by training a new hire from India to replace him.  When the recession nips at Joe’s heels, he organizes a $7 million sale of two Canadair CL-215 water bombers to the Turkish government that could save Buffalo Airlines.

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