Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gonna Fly Now... FedEx Air Show Team

Calling all aviation enthusiasts and air show fans! In 2011 the FedEx Air show team will participate in about 50 air shows and 12 plane pulls for charity around the world. FedEx team members will volunteer their time to position jet airplanes at the air shows for touring and at plane pulls for giant tug-a-war competitions for charity. Share the FedEx Air Show Schedule (at the bottom of this page) with your friends, family, coworkers and other aviation fans!

As the world’s largest express transportation company, FedEx team members are proud to see the company join the excitement and entertainment air shows bring to their communities. For more than 30 years, many team members have aided in the positioning of our aircraft on the tarmac for people to walk around, step aboard and ask questions. You can actually sit in the cockpit and act like you are taking off. Many of us have a deep fascination with aviation and love being a part of a family-friendly event.

A Plane Pull pits teams of people in a giant, tug-of-war challenge with a FedEx jet aircraft. Tugging on a huge rope, a team's goal is to move a 147,000+ pound aircraft 12 feet faster than other teams can. It takes both maximum individual effort and teamwork to get the job done; just like in our daily operations! FedEx has been organizing plane pulls for the last 18 years. Each year plane pulls raise about $500,000 for local charities. Plane Pulls are a fun team competition to support the communities we serve.

Kicking off the season, I am at Sun’n Fun International Fly-in and Expo, Lakeland, FL, one of the largest air shows in the country. Being my first air show, I am wide-eyed and awed by the earth-shaking roar of the aerial-acrobatic teams practicing. There is an array of aircrafts and exhibits to see, from personally made aircraft to those that are engineered by the best in the business. Some look like boats, some look like rockets, but all of them are amazing. The activities and displays are for all ages. It’s really awesome!

Long-time member of the FedEx Air Show team, Tina Rodgers is here manning the FedEx ship site, along with agents who work locally. Folks are shipping parts and collectibles back home. Today is the parts exchange day so we are getting a lot of interesting shipments. Tina said she “...likes meeting people from different countries who all share a love of aviation and everything it entails." She also enjoys creating containers to ship these odd shaped and unique items back to all the countries represented at the show.

I’ve found that it doesn’t matter the age or gender, fans start talking faster and their pitch becomes a lot higher, showing tons of excitement when they tell you about their air show experiences. Most can’t get enough of it! I hope to see you at one of air shows FedEx is participating in around the world.

2011 FedEx Air Show Schedule: http://blog.fedex.designcdt.com/node/933

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