Saturday, June 6, 2009

Indianapolis Air Show coverage 6-JUN-09

Indy Airshow - Interview with Blue Angel Boss and Talking with Roger Bishop from Airspeed
by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
... Three hours of sleep and then back at it. But that's okay. Because, a couple of hours later, I was standing on the ramp at the FedEx facility opposite the passenger terminal of the Indianapolis International Airport with Roger Bishop. If you've been listening to Airspeed for long, you know that Roger is the director of the Indianapolis Air Show, held each year at the Mt. Comfort airport about 20 minutes east of Indianapolis proper. And you might have guessed by now that we were waiting for the arrival of the US Navy Blue Angels. ...

Frame Grabs from Photo Mission with Billy Werth from Airspeed
by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
... I got up on a photo mission with Billy Werth of Grayout Aerosports yesterday. I was front seat in Billy's Pitts S-2C as The Indianapolis Star 's Matt Kryger shot stills and video from the open door of a Charokee in the formation. ...

IndyAirShow: Miss Indiana USA & Miss Indiana Teen will sign autographs & take pictures with fans on Sat. June 6th at the IAS

AIR SHOW SCHEDULE from News from
How to enjoy the Indianapolis Air Show at Mt. Comfort Airport

Indy aerobatic team plays among clouds from - Top Stories
Watch Pilot Billy Werth demonstrate some of his air show maneuvers.
[embedded video]

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