Friday, September 19, 2014

Oct-Nov 2014 Vol.5 Issue 6 of The Aviation Magazine

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We at The Aviation Magazine (formerly The Magazine by AirShowsReview) attend not only air shows, but visit many aviation related events from museums and highlight visits to air force bases and air force exercises worldwide, such as Red Flag, Maple Flag, NATO Tiger Meet, and etc.We not only have a new name but also a new website, check it out for yourself.

In the this issue of the BEST free aviation magazine we featured several air shows and military exercise worldwide; Marrakech 2014,  Thunder Over Solano Travis AFB, Green Shield 2014, Cannon AFB  Open House, KADEX 2014, OC  Air Show, A-10 Hawgsmoke Competition, NATO Tiger Meet, RIAT 2014, RIMPAC 2014, Air2air refuelling of the USAF Thunderbirds and so much more. All feature stunning photography.

You can see it in our new format at or if you have iOS on ISSUU or you can just download the .pdf version from our site 

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