Monday, September 29, 2014

70th anniversary of the Test Pilot School

The Flight Test Historical Foundation would like to invite members of your organization to our annual Gathering of Eagles event on October 18th in Lancaster CA, to help us celebrate 70th anniversary of the Test Pilot School (TPS).

Members can purchase individual tickets at, or your organization may purchase a table as a “Sponsor”. Sponsorship information is available on our website on the Gathering of Eagles page ( For individual ticket purchases, members can write down the name of your organization in the “TPS Class” window, and we will reserve a separate table for them.

All of the proceeds from this event will be used in support of the Air Force Flight Test museum at Edwards AFB and the Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale. Money will be used for repair and restoration of the aircraft in the museum’s inventory, as well as towards moving the main museum outside the West gate, to make it accessible to the general public.

The panel of Honorees, along with the groups represented, is as follows:

· Bill Gray, Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF, Chief Test Pilot, USAF TPS, Class 91B, Eagle
· Dave Van Hoy, Technical Director, USAF TPS, Class 94A, Eagle
· Pamela Melroy, Col. (Ret.) USAF, Representing Pilot Graduates, Class 91B, Panel Member
· Gary Aldrich, Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF, Representing the Engineer Graduates and Contractor Staff, Class 82A, Eagle
· Andy Gerner, Col. (Ret.) USAF, Representing the Commandants, Class 91A, Eagle
· George Cooper, NASA Test Pilot (Ret.), Co-developer of the Cooper-Harper Rating Scale, Eagle
The two emcees will be:
· Dana Purifoy, Test Pilot, NASA Armstrong Research Center, Former TPS Staff Member
· Joe Sobczak, Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF, Former TPS Staff Member, Current Flight Test Captain for United Airlines, TPS Class 81B
Each panelist will discuss TPS and the impact on their professional career, to be followed by Q&A from the two emcees and the audience.

Ticket info is posted HERE

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