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BTTC Wins the Gold, Holiday Giving & Reciprocity

A Newsletter from the Producer of
Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby
Newsletter #18
December 2012

Welcome to the newsletter about:

Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby (BTTC).

December is a month when emails, catalogs, and commercials overwhelm us as we get ready for the holidays. In the midst of the chaos, I hope everyone can take a few moments to relax and enjoy the season. Maybe take time to read the newsletter below, talk to a neighbor, have lunch with a friend or watch your favorite documentary.

Perhaps you can even take time to listen to a story from someone you know but never had the time to truly hear (a grandparent/parent, a veteran, a co-worker, etc). You never know how someone else's life story might inspire your own.

However you choose to spend your holidays, I hope beautiful memories are created and fantastic stories are shared.

Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2013 to all.
Heather Taylor

Producer of the Award-Winning documentary Breaking Through the Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby. An Archetypal Images Production.
In This Issue
BTTC Takes the Gold
Top Content & Research Award
Holiday Giving & Reciprocity
Color Me Red: Corrections!
Thank you
BTTC DVD Available
What is BTTC?
Earhart Quote
BTTC Tshirts For Sale
Sale of Old Cover DVDs

I attended the TIVA-DC Peer Awards at the National Press Club
in Washington DC last month and was thrilled when BTTC won the Peer Gold for Best Documentary. TIVA is the Television, Internet, Video Association.

BTTC was also chosen as one of the five top finalists across all genres for Best of DC. This is really special since the winners are chosen by those within the industry. Thank you to all the TIVA members for their votes and show of confidence in BTTC!

You can learn more about the award and see other winners at
the following link:

Peer Gold
Heather winning the Gold, standing with Rob Henninger of Henninger Media Serviices

Top Content and Top Research Award

In addition to the Peer Gold Award, I was recently informed that the BTTC website and blog received Top Content Award and Top Research Award from I am proud of the research invested in BTTC so it means a lot to receive this recognition. Thanks to!

Holiday Giving & Reciprocity

While I am thrilled for each DVD sold, I am most thankful when someone lets me know the film has touched them or someone they know in a positive way. This is a gift back to me. Hopefully, in some small way, the momentum builds and the story(s) from the film inspires one to take a step towards their dreams, follow a passion, encourage others to do the same or maybe just lift someone's spirit for the day. This ripple affect is reciprocity - or in ad slogan talk, "the gift that keeps giving." Not only does it give back but it gives forward.

This is, at the core, what gift giving is about. So this holiday season, a genuine thank you to all who have expressed support and for the gift of reciprocity. Please feel free to email me your stories of following a passion and how it invokes reciprocity. Happy Holidays.

Heather Taylor

*From Chris B. in Arizona:
"I finally got a chance to watch your film Breaking Through The Clouds and WE LOVED IT! I watched it with my 11 year old daughter and my mother. I am so glad you included so much detail and in depth interviews, etc. Makes it so interesting. I am an aviation nerd and I learned a lot from the show. I did not know a great deal about that era nor about several of those individual pilots. We really enjoyed it and liked how you took each one and explained their lives and brought them to life. Those women are so admirable and daring. And they looked like they just LOVED to fly, that's what makes it so neat. You did a brilliant job. My daughter's "heroes" are mostly celebs.. now she really thinks Louise Thaden and Ruth Elder are cool. Thanks for that."

Color Me Red: A few Corrections

In a previous newsletter I mentioned the color correction process and inadvertently wrote Ted Snavely's last name incorrectly (it is correct here). My apologies to Ted. Fortunately it is correct in the film credits!

Also, Dorothy Cochrane, curator at the National Air & Space Museum clarified some information from my last newsletter about Anne Morrow Lindbergh and the "Bird":

"Charles did buy a Bird for Anne but in August of 1930; he taught her to fly in it (he flew it a lot too), and she received her license in it on June 4, 1931...They flew to the Races in Aug. of 1929 in a deHavilland Moth.

Anne's very first flight was in a Ford Tri-Motor with Charles in Mexico City in Dec. 1927; he took her and her family up for a ride when he visited there - her father was the American ambassador and he was on his Central American tour in the Spirit. That's how they met."

Thanks for the information Dorothy! I'm so glad some of you are actually reading what I write and keeping me on track!

Thank You &
Ways to Help
BTTC has only been able to succeed because of individual support! It is very much a grassroots effort so I appreciate every single comment, thumbs up, mention and email I receive. It truly keeps me going to know the film touches lives in some positive way.

If you would like to help me keep it going, here are just a few simple (and free) ideas that can make a big difference:
  • Post a positive comment (or thumbs up) on youtube underneath the BTTC clip
  • Become a Fan of BTTC Face Book Page
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Forward these newsletters, and/or sign up for my blog
  • Introduce me to contacts who might be interested in screening BTTC
All links for the social media are below. You can also mention BTTC in your own blog, article, podcast or to friends and colleagues.

Of course there are a myriad of other ways to help as well. The sky's the limit! If the film has touched you in some way, please feel free to email and let me know. As always, thank you!
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"For the aviation history buff on your holiday list, you can't go wrong with this documentary.

Plus, the producer is a tremendous inspiration to all of us (to) strive for greatness.

Pick this movie up and gift it to someone special - they'll not only enjoy the visuals, but learn a lot about some fascinating aviators!

*An unsolicited comment above from fan David S. sharing BTTC on Facebook.
Thank you, David!

BTTC Cover withLaurels
This Award Winning Documentary is available on DVD. For more information, please visit:

The inspiring true story of 20 women who raced across America in 1929.

Follow along as headline aviatrixes Amelia Earhart, Pancho Barnes, Phoebe Omlie, Bobbi Trout, Louise Thaden and other well known women pilots of the era race across the country in the summer of 1929.
Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby provides over two hours of captivating viewing. The women's personalities shine through with original footage from the derby, much of which has not been seen in over eighty years.

Beautiful and colorful aerial recreations place the viewer in the pilot's seat.

Interviews with legendary aviatrixes
Elinor Smith Sullivan, and Patty Wagstaff, noted aviation historians, and family members of the original pilots
help bring the story alive.

Included are 23 minutes of bonus
discussing the challenges the women faced during the race, what the women wore and more information about the planes & navigation in 1929.

Available at:
BTTC Cost $30 plus S&H

*Note:For those who do not like
to order on-line or use pay pal,you
may fill out this order form and
mail a check:

What is Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby?

Breaking Through The Clouds: The
First Women's National Air Derby is
an award-winning documentary about Amelia Earhart and 19 other brave pilots who defied convention by taking to the skies and racing across the country for the first Women's National Air Derby.
With just a compass and a road map to guide them, they faced cultural stereotypes, mechanical failures, threats of sabotage, navigational challenges and endless chicken dinners. The women persevered and became pioneering legends in aviation. Their story is inspiring to anyone who has the courage to follow their own dreams.

Producer Heather Taylor had a calling to tell this inspiring story in the hopes of helping others to find the courage to search for their own path. While Heather hasn't had to deal with the endless chicken dinners like the women in the derby did, she does face the challenges of an an independent artist. By spreading the word and supporting the film, you are helping Heather and other struggling artists reach for the sky in their own way and work towards breaking through the clouds. Thank you.
Heather Taylor, Executive Producer
Archetypal Images, LLC

Amelia Earhart Quote
No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed.
A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.
The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves....
Amelia Earhart

BTTC T-shirts Available

Did you know the logo on the t shirts is based on one of the trophies won in the 1929 Derby? You can briefly make out the trophy in the footage on race day in BTTC.

Black BTTC AND white BTTC t-shirts
are available for purchase. Below is what the front of a black t-shirt looks like. The back has written in the top middle part.

If you would like a t-shirt, send me an email. The cost is $20 plus postage. Heather@breakingthroughtheclou
BTTC T-shirt (black). White T-shirts with a black Logo are also available.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't heard a response within a week, chances are
I did not receive the email.
You may call me at
865-242-7551 to follow up, though my preference is email first so I can keep track of the order. Thank you.

Old Cover DVD's on Sale

I still have some DVDs with the old cover featured. Despite the old cover,
a couple spelling errors in the
opening quote and a missing credit,
the film is the same as what is
sold now. I am selling these copies
for $20 plus shipping. If interested, send an email to Heather@ and
we can work out the details.
Thank you.

BTTC old cover

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