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Hit TV Series “The Aviators” Announces Second Season on PBS, Trailer Released

The producers of “The Aviators,” the smash hit that airs on PBS stations across the country, have announced a new season premiering this fall. A newly released trailer can be seen at

“Season two will be even better. We’ve enhanced our equipment and will spend more time filming in-flight to give our fans a more immersive viewing experience,” said Executive Producer Anthony Nalli. “Another change is the addition of chart-topping, award-winning country music singer George Canyon to the cast.”

“Filming for season two has already begun,” continued Nalli. “We get invitations and story suggestions daily so there’s no shortage of fascinating aviation content.” Crews will be filming at various venues in cities throughout North America over the spring and summer including the upcoming Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, FL at the end of March with cast members Anthony, Raeleen, and Kurtis on hand for autographs and media interviews.

Since its premiere last September, The Aviators has aired almost 8,000 times across North America – an average of over 40 times each and every day. The show’s website averages 3 million hits monthly driven by those seeking to view episodes online or read The Aviators Magazine. The Aviators is also available on and the Hulu Plus subscription service (


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  Season 2: Episode Guide
Episode 2.01
Aviation 101: An explanation of some of the very basics of aviation.
Host profiles: A closer look as some of the hosts of The Aviators including Sara, Kurtis, Anthony, and new host, country music singer George Canyon.

Episode 2.02
ATC gibberish: Breaking down and simplifying all that complex sounding radio chatter.
Hot air balloons: Up, up and away!
Condor Squadron: Taking to the air with a team of formation pilots flying WW2 era planes.

Episode 2.03
Can a kid land an airliner?: A follow up to some of the popular sim segments from season one, but this time with a 12 year old at the controls!
MCAF Miramar (formerly Top Gun): Spending the day with US Marine fighter pilots at their legendary base.
Corsair: Jeff flies one of the most capable carrier-based fighter aircraft of WW2.

Episode 2.04
Private pilot emergency: Anthony closes the season 2 sim segments by having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him. Can he do it?
Flight services: Kurtis shows us the many important functions of this often overlooked aspect of Air Traffic Control services.
Most female friendly airport: We show you why the official airport of The Aviators: Season 2 has been called the most female friendly airport in the world. 

Episode 2.05
AOPA Summit: The annual event of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
LAPD: We take you inside the aerial unit of the Los Angeles Police Department to see how the world’s largest police fleet helps to catch bad guys.
Flight training: Whether for a new life or a new lifestyle, learning to fly is one of the most satisfying things you could ever do!  

Episode 2.06
Airshows - Behind the scenes: An exclusive look at a day in the life of a major airshow from the perspective of a performer, an air traffic controller, a pyrotechnics specialist, and the Air Boss.

Episode 2.07
Aircraft ownership: Exploring the varied costs and entry points of flying for everyone from the weekend warrior to the rich and famous.
$100 Hamburger: A term describing the justification to go flying. So we go searching for meals worthy of the price of the fuel.
Lockheed Electra: Made famous by Amelia Earhart, Jeff takes this classic bird for a spin.

Episode 2.08
Airpark living: When your driveway is a runway, life is good!
Water escape: Sara takes the plunge and learns how to survive a ditching.
Jet truck race: What’s faster, a plane or a jet powered truck? We find out!

Episode 2.09
Warbirds: Kurtis takes a walk back in time as he gets up close to a collection of historic aircraft that flew world-altering missions.
iPad in the cockpit: We get hands-on with the revolutionary tablet device to show some of the most popular aviation tools available.
Buying a used aircraft: Anthony shows that buying The Aviators’ new 210 can be just as simple as buying a used car. And accessorizing it can be just as fun.

Episode 2.10
Wilderness survival: A well-known outdoorsman and pilot shows us how to spend the night in the remote wilderness while waiting for the weather to pass.
Formation training: We attend a boot camp to learn what it takes to fly wingtip to wingtip to wingtip to…
America’s first family of aviation: A look at the many contributions the Middlebrook family has made to American aviation for generations.

Episode 2.11
Destination - Greenville, SC: We stop into this aviation destination in the Carolinas and visit the Runway Café for some great food and a cool view.
Spitfire: George takes this legendary warbird up for a flight and shares some of its many stories.
Soaring: A form of flying where missing the roar of the engine is entirely the point!

Episode 2.12
Panel makeover: The Aviators’ 210 gets gutted as all the traditional instruments are replaced with an ultra-impressive state-of-the-art glass panel.
Aviation camping: Take to the air and the outdoors all on the same trip.
Heli-tourism: We’ll show you how helicopters can give you a unique look at one of the great wonders of the world.

Episode 2.13
Oxygen: We experiment in an oxygen deprivation lab and examine the use of oxygen at various altitudes.
Winter flying: There’s really no such thing as “flying season” but flying in the colder months may require a little extra prep time on the ground.
Caribbean aviation: With several aviation destinations – particularly in those winter months – The Caribbean attracts aviators from near and far.

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