Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great news from the Red Eagles Airshow Team and Grayout Aerosports

Dan McClung, team leader and founder of Red Eagle Air sports is proud and excited to announce the following changes to the Red Eagle Airshow Team.  With the unexpected departure of Ryland “Buck” Roetman for personal reasons, we are pleased to introduce Mr. Billy Werth of Grayout Aerosports as our new opposing solo pilot.

Billy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Red Eagle Team and upon completion of his training cycle will appear in approximately 10 airshows this season.  (see soon to be updated schedule on website)

Billy is not only an airshow performer but a captain for a regional airline and a Major and Instructor Pilot with the United States Air Force Reserves.  He has accumulated nearly 10,000 hours of flight time in numerous types of aircraft.  He will be performing with us in a Pitts S2C this season.

McClung is on the record as stating, “I think the Red Eagle brand, with the addition of Billy Werth to the team, will continue to be one of the most safe, exciting, and entertaining acts in the airshow industry.  I look for the Red Eagle team to rise to new heights and meet the many challenges of our changing environment and sponsor commitments”.

The Red Eagle Team begins their 14th year of sponsorship with PPG Aerospace, the world leader and distributor of aviation sealants, coatings, transparencies, and chemical management.

See us soon and an Airshow near you beginning with the Luke AFB open house on March 19th and 20th in Phoenix AZ.



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