Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indy Transponder 30-SEP-10 0345z

In the air with the Canadian Snowbirds - San Diego Union Tribune
Flying his CT-114 jet about four feet from his wingman, Canadian Snowbirds pilot Capt. Marco Ruscani says learning aerial acrobatics is ...

Canadian Snowbirds 2010 Schedule

Air show takes to the sky this weekend - 680 News
Stunt pilot Michael Wiskus with team Lucas Oil will be in the air again this year. In terms of what to expect at the air show, he said, it's "very noisy, ...

CAF Reveals Plans for 2010 Airsho -
For the first time ever, the Airsho will be running into the night with some planes taking to the sky in the dark. The show's biggest attraction is making ...

Airsho ready to take off - Odessa American
CAF president Stephan Brown excitedly announced that “Fifi's” great return will also hold an opportunity for Airsho attendants to fly on the B-29 ...

"Gathering of Eagles" Celebration at Alberta Aviation Museum from News
On Tuesday, October 5, the Alberta Aviation Museum is holding a fund-raising "Gathering of Eagles" dinner to celebrate aviation. Special guests at the head table will include representatives of various periods of our aviation history and presentations will illustrate our...

We at Sanicole from Apache Roll, le blog de la patrouille Breitling 
S anicole, the only civilian Belgium rally that rivals the major international meetings, welcomed the Patrouille Breitling for a beautiful twilight flight Friday, September 17 and a demonstration to the public Sunday, September 19.
The sky of late afternoon has claimed more of a photographer, including Philippe Laret to whom we owe these shots.

Bulletin searching for WWII vets to interview for Nov. 11 edition - Bixby Bulletin
The Bixby editor toured a B-17 bomber Monday and would like to use the photos taken on that day to accompany the Veteran's Day story. ...

Posthumous honour given to founder of military show
“Paul helped the Air Tattoo grow into the unique and exciting event it is today and as a result, air forces from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, South Africa and Romania turned to him for advice.” ...

Years gone by: Airshow highlights - The Salinas Californian
1981: The California International Airshow Salinas debuts with the Blue Angels raising $250000 for local nonprofits and charities. ...

"Dreadnought" at the 2010 Reno Air Races by Randy Rothhaar

Ninth Annual Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Gala Announced from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
The TAHF Board of Directors has announced the Inductee Class for 2010. The Annual Induction Gala and Enshrinement Ceremony will be held on November 13, 2010 at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation. The public is invited.  ...

Local Stearman pilots win top honors at Illinois contest  | They have flown in formation over the Lilac Parade, Skyfest and the Veterans Cemetery dedication. More than 8000 Stearman biplanes were manufactured in ...

Air refueling pioneers honored in ceremony at Scott from Alert 5 - Military Aviation News 
The air refueling pioneers responsible for the United States’ first air-refueling flights in 1923 and 1929 were honored in a ceremony Sept. 23 at Scott AFB’s “Walk of Fame” as part of a presentation by the Airlift-Tanker Association Hall of Fame officials.

The Yeager Award Report and AEPSM Report Merger from Civil Air Patrol eServices News
The Yeager Award Report and the AEPSM Report have been combined into one report: Yeager (AEPSM) Award Report

AOPA Aviation Summit: from
If you’ve seen James Bond fly a BD-5 jet through a hangar and exit sideways out the other end or watched Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon get sprayed by an aerial applicator in “Odd Couple II,” you’ve seen the work of J.W. “Corkey” Fornof.
Fornof, an airshow performer, movie stunt pilot, and aerial coordinator, has flown in more than 100 movies,  ...

the Wainfan Facetmobile, circa 1995 from x planes
Man vs. machine at annual plane pull - Memphis Commercial Appeal
Special Kids & Families will host the 14th annual Valero Plane Pull Saturday at the Millington Regional Jetport. ...

Tribute to the Last Men on the Moon in 1972 from Spaceports 
Astronauts Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt and Ronald Evans were the three brave men chosen to fly NASA's final mission to the moon. They have been written up in history books and acknowledged by the  ...

Astronaut's View of Earth Eclipsed All Else from
Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson has many treasured memories from her six months in space, but one thing stands out above all else: the incomparable view.

Museum of Flight raises space shuttle flag over Space Needle from Aerospace News 
Seattle's Museum of Flight raised a space shuttle flag atop the Space Needle on Wednesday to promote its bid to land one of the shuttles after NASA retires the fleet later this year.

Martin Aircraft’s Commercial Jetpack Looks to Take Flight from Planenews Aviation News 
It is about time man flew among the birds – alone. We may not have the homes on the moon, or the flying cars that our totally reasonable childhood imaginations ensured us would be waiting for us when we grew up, but with a little luck and a lot of money, we might soon be able to scratch “jetpack” off of our bucket lists.

Editorial: Why rocketry matters to me & inspiring others from Rocketry Planet
My six years with rocketry have been very important to me. Because of what I've learned. But more about what I still need to learn. I fell into this hobby as the result of a coworker/friend. Upon entering I was super hungry for the knowledge. I soon realized that knowledge came by experience, not sheer hope. And not by speed, or fast. Since then I have tempered my learning. To continue learning, but not to force it too quickly. Soon I was a happy rocketeer, learning as time allowed. Making correct designs. Making mistakes, and hopefully learning from them.


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