Monday, May 5, 2008

Who is Mike?

It struck me recently that while many know who Roger is, they don't know who I am. I owe my involvement with this project to Roger. He sought me out. He found my blog: Searching, Searching, Searching. (I'm still not sure what to do with that blog right now). That blog is/was just a hobby, where I started blogging about literally anything that struck me for a while. Toward the end, I began to focus on all things air racing and air show related - which is when Roger found me.

Roger sent me an email and we talked about the Transponder for over a year. We launched in March, starting with just aggregating the news about aviation entertainment. We were both tired of talking about it and decided to get it out there and see where it goes. Since then, we've added a few segments like the Home Pylon and Air Racing History each week. We have an ever growing list of "things to do" for this project and expect you'll be seeing new segments soon. Time seems to be our biggest limiting factor right now since we both have jobs that can be demanding at times.

What started my interest in Air Racing you might ask? I grew up in Lemmon Valley, Nevada. For those who don't know, that is the valley right next to Stead, Nevada where the Reno Air Races are held each year. Every year I'd get the binoculars out and set up shop on the roof of my mother's house and watch the races and demonstrations. After high school I joined the army (I know, wrong branch for an air race fan - that is another story) and then traveled around the country in the ministry for a while. Those travels landed me in Indianapolis. I left the ministry in 1999 (still another story!) and I went back to school. Currently, I work for a consulting company.

I went back to the Air Races in 2005, where I got hooked again. That was the year I went to Dayton for the Blue Angels, caught the Thunderbirds in Indianapolis and then caught the Canadian Snowbirds in Reno. Yep - completely hooked again. I wondered why I stayed away for so long. To get closer, I volunteered for the Indianapolis Air Show last year. This year I'm more involved, and I can't wait for what is in store for the future.

So, that is the short version. I'm looking forward to meeting our readers at the air shows this year. On the calendar right now are Indianapolis (obviously), Dayton and OshKosh. There are some smaller fly-ins and the like that I'd like to catch also. Reno is a hopeful - I just need to get some things squared away at work so I can be gone that week! Hope to see you at one of these venues this year.

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