Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update on Katie Reider, Rob Reider's daughter

Air Show Friends and Family -

For those of you who might not be aware of my oldest daughter's health situation, she's been in the fight of her life, fighting a type of cancerous tumor, a myofibroblastic inflammation tumor, that has ravaged the left side of her face and left her blind in one eye. She's gone from 125 pounds to under 90 pounds in the last 5 months.

Here's a special announcement about something that's being done to benefit her.

As some of you might know, a wonderful friend of hers, Lauren Fernandez, has come up with a great idea of a way to viral market a Katie Reider benefit - to offset some pretty significant current expenses and future ones. It's a new web site, Rather than simply donating something to a Katie Reider fund, the deal is that $1.00 will purchase a download of NINE of Katie's songs!

It's a terrific idea and I'd be honored if you all could help out with a purchase and forwarding info on the site. It opened up on Katie's 30th birthday, May 23rd.

As a quick update, she'll begin her third round of chemo on Wednesday the 28th. There was little change in the tumor size after the second round of chemo but the docs are still going to go ahead with round 3.She's had a few very good days recently.

She came to Long Island for the New York Air Show at Jones Beach. I was announcing the show and she and the family spent 2 whole days there! Wow, that's good!

Keep the prayers coming and thanks in advance for your help with


Rob Reider

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