Monday, May 12, 2008

Indy Transponder 11-May 2332z

Stunt plane crashes during Modesto air show - Modesto Bee, CA
[note: updated story]Waymire is a member of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Aero Squadron, a group of volunteer pilots who organize the air show. Waymire's wife was at the ...
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ASB has a thread where fans are leaving there best wishes for a full recovery. Fencecheck also.

Air show takes to the skies - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA
This weekend's air show features the Snowbirds, Canada's military precision air team, along with solo pilots like Sean Tucker, who performs stunts, ...

Barksdale air show closes incident-free with Blue Angels - Shreveport Times, LA
High winds above the ground forced the US Army's Golden Knights precision parachute team to forego its afternoon show, but the rest of the program was as ...

Anticipation builds at air show - Shreveport Times, LA
Earlier, five big bombers passed over in a heritage flight, with the B-1 bomber streaking by and a B-52 dropping a simulated string of bombs over the center ...

Laughlin AFB's Air Show Thundered Over Del Rio - Del Rio Live!, TX
Stacy Stenberg conducts a series of interviews with key players at the "Thunder over Amistad" air show event held at Laughlin AFB on May ...

Flying high - at the Coyote Squadron AirSho - Corsicana Daily Sun, TX
Mild weather made for good crowds Saturday at the 10th Annual Corsicana AirSho, and event of the Coyote Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force. [photos]

News from across the valley for Sunday, May 11, 2008 - The Desert Sun, CA
The B-25 airplane used in the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo in World War II is the featured plane of the month at the Palm Springs Air Museum. ...

Aviation historians recall dogfight over Milford - Connecticut Post, CT
But it happened, local aviation buffs say, at the behest of Milford resident Boone Guyton, the chief test pilot at Chance-Vought Aircraft Co., now Sikorsky ...

Lockheed's Missing Link
Between the F-80 and the F-104, a supersonic pioneer fought the Cold its own way.

Fleet from Another Time by DT Linn
Mike Shreeve posts again! Great shots of a Fleet flying over the California wine country!
See more pics here.

Old-style plane via Neptunus Lex
Tailspin Tom has an epic collection of World War II-era aviation photos, including this pic of a hangar deck cat shot from an Essex-class carrier. [pic]The cats launched athwartship, and according to the caption, a pilot could be suddenly exposed to as much as a 35-knot crosswind once he left the ship’s windbreak.

Noteworthy Photos from today's reading:
Panavia Tornado, B-52/BUFFS, Greek Air Force

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