Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Air & Space Media Group with Big Moving Pictures

AIR & SPACE MEDIA GROUP SIGNS LETTER OF INTENT WITH BIG MOVING PICTURES TO BRING AEROSPACE CONTENT TO AIR SHOW FANS NATIONWIDE Using the World's Largest Mobile Televisions and Huge Sound Systems, Big Moving Pictures Will Entertain & Educate Over 6 Million Air Show Attendees Throughout 2008, 30 Million in 2009 ORLANDO, FL (MAY 12, 2008) – Air & Space Media Group, creators of the newly formed Air & Space Television (ASTV) Network, today announced its partnering with Big Moving Pictures Inc. (BMP), the creator of the 'rolling television network' concept, to bring ASTV-developed content to audiences at the nation's largest annual outdoor events. Starting with air shows at which the United States Navy's Blue Angels perform, and later the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, air shows featuring military jet teams are amongst the largest events in the country, with some single-event figures topping 1.2 Million onsite audience members.

"BMP's 'rolling television network' is a great new addition to make airshows even more exciting, and opens up outstanding viewing opportunities for aviation and space flight content. Our goal is to grow the audience base for Air & Space TV and increase our value to additional potential advertisers," said Phillip Hurst, CEO, Air & Space Television. "We believe that the strategic relationship with Big Moving Pictures allows ASTV to immediately get in front of millions of aviation enthusiasts throughout the country."
Big Moving Pictures will transport its onsite television production, using the world's largest mobile screens to air shows where they will augment and enhance the audience experience. Now with the signing of the Letter Of Intent, BMP now has access to ASTV content including excerpts from upcoming aviation-based television series.

"We have been searching for the right content provider to partner with for quite some time," stated BMP President & CEO, David Knight. "In ASTV, we found the unique combination of aviation passion, the ability to deliver top-notch programming and dedication to meeting advertisers' needs."

BMP will utilize the ASTV content to enhance its video performances at air shows, it will also promote ASTV to the assembled avid aviation fans and the general public as well. The agreement also allows BMP to develop its own television shows for play on the ASTV Network, which will become available to viewers via broadband, Video On Demand, cable television and satellite channels worldwide. BMP is already in development on several show concepts featuring aviation themes. About the Rolling Television Network
Advertisers have learned that they cannot rely entirely on in-home media to reach and motivate consumers. Recognizing a unique opportunity Big Moving Pictures developed its "Rolling Television Network" which offers advertisers the opportunity to connect effectively with consumers at many extraordinarily well-attended outdoor events. Through its unique alliances with many of the most important air shows that feature the US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds jet teams Big Moving Pictures gives millions of attendees unprecedented views inside cockpits and from the pilot's point of view as well as insights into who the pilots are through 90-second "Meet The Team" exclusives. BMP's programming is supported by commercials for major brands that run during intervals in the action.
About Big Moving PicturesBig Moving Pictures is the first company to monetize advertising on outdoor television screens at large events on a national scale. Although superficially similar to the systems of production trucks and outdoor LED screens seen for years at baseball games, NFL, NASCAR and others, BMP applies a new, Silicon Valley-style angle that makes it possible for advertisers to conclusively reach their target consumers, and introduces the ad-based revenue model to large spectator events — this works thanks to BMP's total integration with the event itself — there is no competing 'signal' coming over the sound system or screens that could confuse or distract the audience — in every sense of the word, Big Moving Pictures becomes one with the show.About A&S Media Group and Air & Space Television
A&S Media Group is a media company dedicated to aviation and space. The principals bring together extensive knowledge and experience in the media, aviation and space industries, and have proven records of success in their fields. CEO Phillip Hurst was the first employee hired to start the Golf Channel, building it from business plan to 100 million worldwide subscribers. Mr. Hurst has been an aviation and space enthusiast for over 30 years, is a commercial pilot and saw a similar media business opportunity in creating a television entertainment and information service dedicated to aviation and spaceflight.

SUMMARY: With access to the biggest air shows in the country via gigantic outdoor screens and sound systems, Big Moving Pictures will be able to present ASTV shows to millions of avid aviation fans and the general public at these popular annual events.

Phillip Hurst (407) 399-3300 phillip@airandspace.tv
David Knight (702) 430-8337 dknight@bigmovingpictures.com


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