Friday, March 21, 2014

Proteus has LANDED

You may have seen computer illustrations or heard that something like this may exist, but for the next two days you can see Proteus in person!

This twin-turbofan, high-altitude, multi-mission aircraft is designed to carry payloads to altitudes above 60,000 feet and remain on station up to 14 hours. It is intended for both piloted and UAV missions that include telecommunications, reconnaissance, atmospheric research, commercial imaging, and space launch.

Come and meet the remarkable Scaled Composites team at the ‘Think Big’ interactive exhibit and learn about Proteus and new projects like the Stratolaunch carrier aircraft that will stretch the boundaries of the possible and be the largest aircraft ever flown.

This rare sighting is thanks to Northrop Grumman Corporation and Scaled Composites, LLC. To learn more about Proteus and other mind-boggling projects visit and Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore and see the future up close at the Los Angeles County Air Show this weekend!

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