Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Schappert and Lambercy flying cross-country to promote general aviation

Destin, Florida – Destin airport will serve as temporary home to pilots Jason Schappert and Vincent Lambercy for two days in June while the pilots fly across the nation. DestinJet, a local fixed base operator (FBO), will host Schappert and Lambercy June 21-22.

Schappert and Lambercy announced their intention to fly a Cessna 150, a single engine two -seater airplane, across America last year. The trip will take the pilots from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Catalina Island, California, and it will take Schappert and Lambercy approximately three weeks to complete. The trip’s purpose is to raise awareness of general aviation and the many values associated with it.

“General aviation serves the community and is a great activity for self-development and creates solidarity. It’s not reserved to the rich or the affluent, but rather it is much more accessible than most think,” said Lambercy Destin is the second stop in the schedule for the 4,000 nautical mile journey.
Schappert, a Certified Flight Instructor, will offer introductory flights to the public for a fee of $50 per half hour.

About Flying Across America:
Jason Schappert, Ocala, Florida, and Vincent Lambercy, Germany, organized the Flying Across America trip, which is designed to spread the message and awareness of general aviation. The pilots will be making the coast-to-coast flight by flying visually and landing at small airfields and regional airports along the route. This 4,000 nautical mile trip will require approximately 70 hours of flight over three weeks to accomplish. For more information on the trip and the pilots, visit www.flyingacrossamerica.com.

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