Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame Nominations

The original deadline for the ICAS Foundation Hall of Fame nominations was June 1st. Yep you missed it! Good news, the ICAS Foundation has given you another chance. The new deadline for nominations is July 31st. So get on it!  Visit for the rules and how to nominate. Think about that hero of yours who has helped the airshow industry. Now's your chance to recognize them.

The ICAS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization manned by volunteers, some of whom pay their own expenses to the annual ICAS convention just to help raise money for worthy causes. Those causes include helping the members of the airshow community who may need unexpected financial assistance due to an illness, accident, or other event. The Foundation also manages scholarships for young (and not-so-young) persons who are attempting to further their education in things aeronautical or aerobatical.

The Foundation also manages its Hall of Fame. (If you’ve been to an ICAS convention, you’ve seen the Foundation induct airshow personalities into the Hall of Fame. Typically, up to three persons (or groups) are inducted, all based on nominations from members of the airshow community. You do not need to be an ICAS member to make a nomination. This year, the foundation has extended the nomination process to July 31. Which means, there is still time for you to consider nominating a person whom you deem worth of joining the ranks of previous winners, which includes:

2009: Charlie Culp, Tom Poberezny, Bobby Younkin
2008: Bessie Coleman, Paul Bowen, Bobby Bishop
2007: Danny Clisham, Jimmy Driskell, Jimmy Franklin, Sean D. Tucker
2006: Paul Mantz, Marion Cole, Eddie “The Grip” Green, Patty Wagstaff
2005: Bill Sweet, Bob Herendeen, Wayne Handley
2004: Lincoln Beachey, Harold Krier, Jim Holland, Bill Bordeleau, Johnny Kazian
2003: Jim Mynning, Betty Skelton Frankman
2002: Swede Ralston, Curtis Pitts, The Original Thunderbirds Team
2001: Clifford Henderson, Captain Roy M. “Butch” Voris, The Flying Aces Air Circus
2000: The French Connection (Daniel Heligoin and Montaine Mallet), The Beardsleys (Big B and Burner)
1999: Colonel Owen Bartley “OB” Philp
1998: Leo Loudenslager
1997: Bill Barber, Charlie Hillard, Paul Poberezny
1996: Duane Cole, Art Scholl, Beverly “Bevo” Howard
1995: Robert A. “Bob” Hoover

Quite an impressive list, isn’t it? If you would like to make a nomination, just surf to You’ll find complete details on how to make a nomination on line.

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