Saturday, April 5, 2008

“TV’s First Aviation-Based Reality Show”

For the first time, high definition cameras of The Outdoor Channel will take a television audience into the full throttle life of an aviation superstar, Sean D. Tucker-- the Tiger Woods of aerial performers.

Starting with his team’s meticulous creation of his new, one-of-a-kind show plane in their California hangar, and his first hair-raising test flight in it, the cameras accompany Sean throughout his day to day movements: To the hangar, under the cowling, through his physical training regimen, into the sponsor and team meetings, to the top air shows in North America…and into the cockpit for the most hard-charging, rock and roll aerobatics ever filmed.

It’s adrenaline-fueled adventure as Sean takes “one-pilot-to-another” flights with military, law enforcement, competition, commercial and celebrity pilots (according to Sean, “I think they’ll try to hurt me … but I’ll get ‘em back”), and pursues his other passions including sky diving, golf, helicopter skiing and scuba diving.But perhaps most importantly … Sean D. Tucker’s Logbook is an anthem to the fulfillment of personal dreams and potential. Sean Tucker’s mantra is “passion and excellence” – and he practices what he preaches. From his personal regimen of healthy nutrition and physical training, to his dedication to leading edge – but safe- flying, Sean delivers a “be all that you can be” message in all that he does and is.

The whole country will be watching! A special effort will be made to make Sean D. Tucker’s Logbook appointment-viewing for America’s 600,000 certificated pilots and the millions of other aviation-interested persons – including the over nine million who attend North American air shows.

Sean D. Tucker’s Logbook is a singular opportunity to associate your product or brand with the best of the best! And everyone in aviation will be watching!

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