Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Indy Transponder 23-April 1010z

F-22 Raptor: Now you see it ... Charleston Post Courier, SC - The Air Force will put its F-22 Raptor fighter through the paces in the Lowcountry skies just before the storied Thunderbirds take off. ...

Want to Go Sky Diving? Central Illinois Proud, IL - We take one final ride with the Golden Knights Parachute Team. Imagine throwing yourself out of a perfectly good plane, and the only thing keeping you from ...

March museum exhibit tells story of Soviet space program Press-Enterprise, CA - A new exhibit at the March Field Air Museum details the race for the moon from the Soviet perspective. The exhibit, "To the Stars . ...

Tomcat Tribute from Air & Space Magazine

Saoring into the Night from - Today the United States Air Force will retire its stealth attack fighter the F-117 Night Hawk. It was secretly developed at Skunk Works over 30 years ago and was the first stealth fighter built (it was designed without right angles). It proved incredibly valuable and effective. It saw action in Panama, Serbia and Iraq.

Cold War planes kept in cow shed - A farmer in Wales has a collection of eight aircraft cockpits including one from a Vulcan B2 bomber.The article has some pictures from his cockpit collections.

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