Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Pylon - April 9, 2008

Once a month (more often as September approaches) - I plan on reviewing the team websites for the air racers. The pylon racers. Since I'm not an insider, just a fan who grew up in Reno and tries to make the pilgrimage once a year to Stead, I'm sure I'm missing a website or two. All the sites I'm reviewing can be found on the Air Racing Links page. I'll be happy to add a link to your team's website if it is missing.

The journey always starts at the home page of the Reno Air Racing Association. After that visit, you can find plenty of discussion, rumors and good stories from the experts (crew, fans, pilots) on AAFO and Fencecheck. As time goes on, we'll try to point to you some of the best ones (suggestions are welcome). A good start, would be with the post about Critical Mass - Blind Man's Bluff at the top of the AAFO message board. It is lengthy - but worth the read.

John Parker has been posting monthly updates on building the new Blue Thunder II on the Blue Thunder website. The Sept 5, 2007 post shares the sad news on how the original Blue Thunder was destroyed in a fire at the end of the runway last fall. I'll share that I have some fond memories of listening to her race around the pylons and I can't wait to hear another Blue Thunder racing the pylons in Reno again.

We'll keep an eye on Dave Morss' work page too. He's involved in many projects inside and outside of the racing community. One of those projects outside the racing community is with the Turbine Toucan, a plane we hope to see at an Indianapolis Air Show in the future.

The Nemesis NXT website has some exciting news posted. They'll be at the EAA AIRVENTURE in Osh Kosh, WI this year with the mission of setting a new 3KM speed record.

There isn't any recent news on the Team Relentless website, but you might want to check out the air to air pictures of the racer with the Oracle planes piloted by Sean and Eric Tucker, taken last fall in San Diego.

Visiting the Voodoo Air Racing website is always fun, especially when Bob Button has video posted and tells you what is going on with his unlimited racer for PRS in June and the races in September.

With PRS coming up in June, I'm sure we'll be able to find more to share in the May report.

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