Thursday, April 3, 2008

Indy Transponder 2-April 2215z

Canadian Forces SkyHawks 2008 Schedule from Milcom Monitoring Post by Larry


Classic Blue Angels, Old School

While in VT-10 and VT-86 (Naval Flight Officer training squadrons) down in Pensacola, my girlfriend’s older sister was dating one of the Blue Angels. Heady stuff, for this little boot ensign, to tag along to McGuire’s or that sports bar down near that bridge (getting old here, folks) with one of the Anointed. Anyhow, when I headed to Oceana in the late summer of ‘86, the Blues came up a few weeks later for the Oceana Air Show. Since I had an “in” with them, I got to get in a photo pool during


Smithville, Texas Fly In and Pancake Breakfast--All aircraft are ... Helicopter Association International, VA 
The skies above Smithville, Texas will be buzzing with activity on the morning of 17 May for the Third Annual Smithville Airport Fly-In & Pancake Breakfast. ...


'Resurrected Veteran' Returning to AirVenture from EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association

The Quick Silver P-51D Mustang, one of the most popular warbirds to appear at EAA AirVenture 2007, will make a return visit to Oshkosh this summer. If you missed it the first time around, here's another chance to see this special airplane during the 56th annual convention and fly-in scheduled July 28-August 3.


Base buzzing as air show gets closer - Havelock News, NC
The flight demonstration team will be making its first appearance at Cherry Point since 2005. Kenward said an advance team from the squadron has already ...


EAA Mourns Loss of Steven Pitcairn (1924-2008) from EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association

Steven Pitcairn, EAA 109260, passed away Saturday, March 29, at the age of 83. Steve was the son of Harold Pitcairn, the founder of Pitcairn Aircraft and the original license holder to built autogiro aircraft based on the designs of inventor Juan de la Cierva. A subsidiary, Pitcairn Airways, was the founding company for what later became Eastern Airlines.


A showcase for growth of aviation -, CA
Today, visitors can follow the evolution of the base at the sprawling Travis Air Museum, where they'll find everything from a World War II Japanese fighter ...


Grissom Air Museum is open for season - Carroll County Comet, IN
Spring is here and the Grissom Air Museum is open for the 2008 season. As the weather warms up come out for a stroll through the airpark and check out the ...


Weary pilot blamed in fatal crash from News Headlines


AOPA Day at Sun 'n Fun just around the corner from AOPA News

AOPA Day at Sun 'n Fun takes place on Friday, April 11. Get a discount off the admission price and register to win a great prize. AOPA President Phil Boyer kicks off AOPA Day the night before with a Pilot Town Meeting.


Aviation buffs, this is your thing! - Orlando Sentinel, FL
I've met World War II bi-plane pilots,
Vietnam helicopter pilots, all the way to actually having a chance to ride in the aerobatic plane with Kirby ...


Whew! Good weather may prevail for this year's air show - Jasper NewsboyUSA 
The air show begins at
noon and will highlight the skills of Debbie Rihn Harvey, one of the highest ranked female aerobatic pilots in the country. ...


Head of the RAF looks to future - BBC NewsUK
I'm not going to fly in an unsafe aeroplane and I'm not going to let my people do that either." Even when the RAF does get the money for new equipment ...


Wings With 'Elbows' Allow More Acrobatic Aircraft. from Planenews Aviation News Portal

Planes with wing tips that temporarily hinge upwards could result in aircraft that are more efficient and maneuverable than traditional fixed-wing craft. Researchers at Bristol University, UK, are developing an aircraft with an "elbow" in each wing that can tilt the wing tips up or down...


Airport board looks at ways to keep water off runways - Southeast Missourian, MO
Plans to combine
Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival with Libertyfest continue. Loy said he has been meeting with Marla Mills, Old Town Cape executive ...



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