Friday, April 18, 2008

P-38 History - need some help

My co-worker shared these photos of his Dad's unit with me today and gave me permission to post them. His Dad was a maintenance crew member on P-38s. The P-38s were replaced late by the P-51. Additionally, attached is an image of a Stars & Stripes article from Jan 1944 covering the effectiveness of the P-38 Lighting against the Luftwaffe. You may need to save the image to your PC so you can use the magnifying glass and zoom in to read, but it is very enlightening.

With the knowledge that we have many readers that are aviation savvy - does anyone know where my co-worker could go to get more information on his Dad's unit? I know he would be very appreciative.

Picture 1: Looks like they're on a P-51. Labeled as 338 Fighter Group, Rochester, England - 1943-1945.
Picture 2: P-51 crew. James Jacoob on the far right (pen mark).
Picture 3: P-38 crew. James Jacoob is second from the right.
Picture 4: Article that listed James Jacoob's P-38 captain. Fun read if you can make it all out.


Jeff Jacoob said...

Correction/more info: The 338th Fighter Group was stationed at Nuthampstead in Herfordshire county supporting the P-38s. When the P-38s were replaced with bombers at Nuthampstead, the 338th (or at least part of them?) was moved 30-35 miles due East to Colchester to support the P-51 Mustangs.

MSouders said...

Jeff-thanks for posting the update. I really appreciate you sharing some of your family's history with us.