Tuesday, May 21, 2013

California Capital Airshow Inspires a ‘Positive Altitude’ and a View from Above

As part of the annual event, 25 students will take to the skies, and for some, this may be the first and only time they experience the opportunity of flight

On Sunday, May 19, the California Capital Airshow, presented by Sacramento County, hosted over 250 young people from around the area and gave them an opportunity that many could only dream of. As part of a joint effort, the California Capital Airshow, Sacramento Jet Center and many other caring community partners introduced regional youth to an eye-opening day of endless opportunity and inspiration. Life-changing possibilities awaited them with colorful airplanes, helicopters, police and fire vehicles, and so much more. Aptly named ‘Positive Altitude’ this was the event’s third year to open the minds of disadvantaged youth that otherwise may never have such an opportunity.

Statistics show that exposure to such unique and interactive experiences expand a young person’s imagination and broadens their outlook on life, as well as their view of the world. ‘Positive Altitude’ isn’t just about aviation or the thrill of flying; this event is much more than that. It is about the opportunities that lie ahead if young people are given the tools to succeed. Half the battle is exposing children to life beyond their neighborhood, the latest gang, or their family legacy. With this unique event we hope to truly inspire kids to strive for a better life and achieve the greatness that we all know they possess.

In addition to the wide variety of aircraft on display, dozens of training aircraft were on standby at the Sacramento Jet Center, each with an experienced instructor pilot to take 25 selected students on a 30-minute introductory flight. These lucky essay winners received hands on experience and truly felt the thrill of flying an airplane! Each student pilot received a ‘First Flight’ certificate and pilot’s log book signed by their instructor. Check out one of the very special essay winners here: http://fox40.com/2013/05/19/positive-altitude-2013/ .

Lunch, refreshments, t-shirts for the kids, games, and interactive opportunities such as unique aircraft and vehicle displays, police cars, fire trucks and more were available to guests of the event. Many aviation-related community partners such as FedEx, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines were on hand to share stories, knowledge, and fun!

It’s not every day kids can get this up close and personal with such a wide variety of aircraft. This meaningful annual event also functions as a preview to the California Capital Airshow, happening at Mather Airport on Oct. 5 and 6. FOX40 is a proud sponsor of the California Capital Airshow and invites you to witness the spine-tingling performances that promise to roar across the skies with non-stop action throughout Airshow weekend! Don’t miss the jets, world-class aerobatics, wingsuit flyers, barnstorming, wing walking, ground acts, warbirds, and endless entertainment and interactive displays from 9:00-5:00pm each day on the one of the largest airport ramps in the western United States.

Find out more at www.californiacapitalairshow.com

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