Tuesday, April 30, 2013


PFLUGERVILLE, TX – April 30,2013 – In a joint announcement following the Sun ‘n Fun Expo, LiveAirshowTV, LLC (LiveAirShowTV), Pilot Magazine, LLC (PilotMag), and Air & Space Television (A&S Media Group LLC), have agreed to a strategic alliance designed to further position them as leaders in content creation and program distribution.

LiveAirShowTV, founded by Jeff Lee, is a multi-platform aerospace media production group. With unique relationships and insider access, the company has provided live coverage as well as personality driven news and video features from North American aviation events via its LiveAirShowTV.com website. LiveAirShowTV along with educational & entertainment partners are also developing air & space themed transmedia opportunities to inspire a new generation of aviation fans.

“As we travel the country to aviation events and airshows, we see first hand the hunger and excitement people have for aviation media. Since our founding, LiveAirShowTV’s goal has been to create an ever-expanding audience of those people who are passionate about flight,” comments Jeff Lee.

“Since we first met the principals behind Air & Space Television, we knew assisting them in launching the network would prove a benefit to us, them and the world of aviation. Promoting aeronautics to as broad an audience as possible has always been the driving force behind PilotMag and we are thrilled to step into this strategic alliance,” says Pilot Magazine COO Jeff Mattoon.

A&S Media Group, founded by Phillip Hurst, is creating a dedicated multi-platform TV channel devoted exclusively to aviation and space. Hurst and television and cable industry insider George Greenberg, have worked diligently to create a channel devoted to the millions of global aviation enthusiasts. A&S Media Group principals have been instrumental in the successful launch of five niche television programming services.

“We are enthused to combine forces with such respected and dedicated content creators as PilotMag and Live Airshow TV. As we move forward in developing the network, their proficiencies within their respective media specialties will serve the whole well,” offers Hurst.

Since 2008, PilotMag has established itself as a true industry insider and ally to the people and organizations within aviation and aerospace, delivering content via an industry-leading print magazine, website and mobile device applications.

“As a natural progression of our aviation media products and brand, we are currently in development of three aviation-based television series, which makes this strategic alliance so potent. It’s in our mutual vested interest to assist Air & Space Television in their launch, providing original programming to feed the demand for high-quality, highly entertaining content,” says Brad Irwin, CEO of Pilot Magazine, LLC.

For additional information, contact:
Jeff Mattoon: jmattoon@pilotmag.com
Phillip Hurst: phillip@airandspace.tv
Jeff Lee: jeff@liveairshowtv.com

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