Friday, August 24, 2012

Airpower Over the Midwest Air Show, is back at Scott AFB

Airpower Over the Midwest Air Show, is back at Scott AFB, featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! The 2012 air show marks the 95th Anniversary of Scott AFB,  as well the 65th Anniversary of the Air Force.

Scott AFB started as a humble aviation station pre-World War II has blossomed during the years with a variety of missions to include flying training, radio operations, aeromedical evacuations. Now the 375th AMW supports 30 tenant units that include major commands for the Army and Air Force as well as the DoD.

It's been six years since the Thunderbirds performed at Scott, and many spectators are looking forward to see their amazing, high speed performance!
Joining the Air Force's high-powered, precision performance team are the U.S. Special Operations Command's Para-Commandos. The B-2 SPIRIT is also scheduled for a flyover.

From our past experience attending air shows at Scott we can highly recommend this event; every one we have dealt with were not only very professional but were friendly, showing great mid-western hospitality.

Make sure you attend the air show that gives you the opportunity to meet your servicemen and women who will gladly explain and demonstrate the missions of the United States Armed Forces. These are America's finest.

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