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The Aviators: Season 3 - Sept. 17th

The BIGGEST Aviation Show on the Planet
August 24th, 2012

Filming Complete! Now what?
After 46 filming days in 18 different cities, filming on Season 3 of The Aviators is now complete! Even though we may be done filming, there's still plenty of post-production work that needs to happen in order to have the season ready to deliver to our broadcasters around the world. 
First the footage heads over to our writer, Cory, who sifts through hours and hours of it, and condenses it down into a 6 to 14 minute segment. Once the segment is written, Anthony records the voiceover. 
Anthony VO
From there it gets put into the hands of one of our two editors. When a rough cut is complete it gets reviewed by directors Anthony and Cory. The notes go back to the editors for a fine cut. This process is repeated until 3 segments (sometimes 2) are done.

Finishing Up... Then Restarting! 

Editor, Taylor then assembles the episodes into the full 26 minute picture lock version. From here our post-production sound guru, Josh, cleans up the audio and makes sure you can hear all those wonderful aircraft sounds! 
Josh Sound
While Josh is sound mixing our colorist is correcting the color of the image to ensure those planes and pilots look beautiful! 
Cory Color
Once these steps are complete and everything is approved for release by the producers, the episodes are then prepared for delivery to our television broadcasters and online distributors worldwide.

And just when you might think it's over, pre-production begins on the next season. Yes, we've already begun work on The Aviators: Season FOUR!

A Note from Anthony

With the maturing of the show from season one to an award-winning season two, I started off this season confident that we had found our rhythm - the "en route" phase (so to speak), where the show's growth might slow down a bit and maintain a certain consistency.

Many months and 36 segments later I'm more excited about The Aviators than I've ever been! This season picks up where the last left off and continues to break new ground. I just can't wait to share it with all of you... and fortunately we don't have to wait too much longer.

Episode previews are now being released on YouTube and full episodes will be available to you on TV, online, or on DVD (and finally Blu-Ray!) in a matter of weeks or even days!
The Aviators - Season 3, Episode 2 Teaser
The Aviators - Season 3, Episode 3 Teaser
I'd like to commend our amazing cast and crew for their professionalism and expertise. We have a relatively small group but everyone works very, very hard and is truly dedicated to making The Aviators everything it has grown to become. Please take note of these fine people as the credits roll. The show truly couldn't have been done without them.

And thanks also go out to our sponsors. Some, like EAA, AOPA, and Mid-Continent Instruments, have been with us from the beginning. Others have joined us along the way, but they all have our appreciation and deserve your support.

We have plenty planned for 2013 including season FOUR of The Aviators, so stay with us and we'll keep bringing you more of "The BIGGEST Aviation Show on the Planet!"
In This Update
Filming Complete!
Finishing Up
A Note from Anthony

Season 3 Starts
September 17th

cc PBS
PBS will start airing season 3 the week of Sept. 17th in several cities across the country. Times and dates will vary widely so contact your PBS station for local air times.
iTunes iTunes will be releasing new episodes from season 3 every Tuesday starting Sept. 18th. Episode 301 will be FREE on iTunes (and our bet for another Hugo TV award) so be sure to check it out! 

Now Streaming in Stunning HD

What can be better than finally having a downloadable version of The Aviators? Having it available in beautiful high-definition, that's what!

First Hulu, then iTunes, now Amazon. Sure we have 10 million weekly TV viewers in the US, but if you're unable to be one of them, we've got you hooked up digitally. One way or another (or another... or another...) enjoy the show!
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