Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The Restorers-They Were All Volunteers" Available for Screenings

New Doolittle Raider Documentary Available for Screenings
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The Restorers
They Were All Volunteers
Each year the famous Doolittle Tokyo Raiders from WWII have a reunion to remember their mission, their comrades, and their heroic leader Gen. James Doolittle.  In 2010, an extraordinary event took place. For the 68th Doolittle reunion, seventeen B-25 bomber crews volunteered to gather in honor of the Raiders.
This episode of The Restorers stands out, as it is devoted in its entirety to the journey of a Minnesota B-25 named Miss Mitchell. Join this restored bomber as she travels to Dayton, Ohio to attend the largest B-25 gathering since WWII. If you missed the event, now you can experience this moment in time, honoring our heroes and history.
"The Restorers is about as close as you can get to being in the hangar without smelling the grease."
Meg Godlewski - General Aviation News
The Restorers-They Were All Volunteers
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