Monday, February 1, 2010

Show Your Love for Seafair

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Seafair Launches "I Love Seafair" Membership Campaign

Visit the BIG Seattle Boat Show and Show Your Love for Seafair!

Seafair kicks off its "I Love Seafair" membership campaign at the Seattle Boat Show (Jan. 29-Feb. 6) in the Seafair Logboom Lounge at the Qwest Field Event Center, featuring the Seafair Pirates, Chip Hanauer, the Miss Thriftway and the Seafair Clowns over the nine-day Boat Show.

As part of this fundraising campaign, individuals and corporations can purchase memberships and receive an "I Love Seafair" window cling, $5 off Seafair Hydroplane Race and Air Show Tickets, 10% off Torchlight Run entries and 10% off Seafair merchandise. Each month members will get updates about great new discounts and contests.

Visit the Seafair Logboom Lounge at the Seattle Boat Show (Jan. 29-Feb. 6, Qwest Field Event Center) to purchase your Seafair Membership Package or visit

If you love the thunder of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing, the high-speed action of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the Arrggghhh of the Seafair Pirates then show your love for Seafair today!

More I Love Seafair Campaign Info

Yes, I Love Seafair! Sign me up
Yes, I Love Seafair! Sign my corporation up!

Check out Seafair Hydroplane racing great Chip Hanauer talk about his support of Seafair on YouTube

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