Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four Stars Added to Air Show Lineup

Dayton, Ohio – Vectren Dayton Air Show officials announced today that four blockbuster
attractions are being added to the Vectren Dayton Air Show Presented by Kroger, which will
be held on July 17th and 18th at the Dayton International Airport. Returning to Dayton will
be award-winning performances by two air show circuit veterans along with two thrilling
acts that will make their first appearances in Dayton.

A 2008 National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee and Vectren Dayton Air Show favorite, Sean
D. Tucker, leaves audiences breathless as they witness his extraordinary skill while
executing a thrilling aerobatic routine. Twice during his performance, Sean will fly the
aircraft backward – straight down – tail first – at more than 100 mph. Tucker will be flying
his custom-built 400 horsepower Challenger II biplane. With over 10,000 lifetime practices
to his credit, it’s no wonder Sean’s performances keep spectators passionately engaged
throughout his entire routine.

Also returning to Dayton are crowd pleasers, the AeroShell Aerobatic Team. Flying North
American AT-6G Texan warbird aircraft with no less than 600 horsepower and a big smoke
system (times four), spectators will not only hear but vividly see these 60+ year-old
amazing Army Air Corps aircraft. The team will thrill crowds with the valiant Texans
performing a variety of precision aerobatic maneuvers including the bomb burst, avalanche
and breath-taking “Switch Blade”. Flying lead is Bryan Regan, Right-Wing Steve Gustafson,
Left-Wing Mark Henley and Slot Gene McNeely.

Making its Dayton debut is School Time Jet-Powered School Bus. At 10-feet tall and
35-feet long, School Time is the world’s largest jet vehicle. Equipped with a 42,000
horsepower General Electric J-79 engine straight out of an F-4 Phantom fighter jet, this bus
will race down the runway at speeds topping 350 mph. Completing the dramatic
performance will be 75-foot flames streaking out the back as School Time roars in front of
amazed spectators. Paul Stender of Indianapolis, Indiana, a self-acclaimed adrenaline
junkie with a long history of motorsport racing, is the creator and driver of School Time.

The Vectren Dayton Air Show is known for its world-class performers, but it didn’t take
searching the world over to discover that the show’s 2010 skydiving act, Team Fastrax, is
in its own backyard. Located in Middletown, OH, Team Fastrax is the official Skydiving
Team and School of the 2010 Vectren Dayton Air Show Presented by Kroger. To be
considered as a Demo Team member, individuals must first have at least 1,000 jumps and
meet stringent professional standards. As a result, Air Show spectators will witness a
thrilling collection of precision maneuvers that display the ultimate skill in skydiving. Having
performed around the world and at high profile venues such as NASCAR, NFL and MLB,
Team Fastrax is sure to leave a lasting impression on Air Show spectators.

Announced in December, the U.S. Navy Blues Angels will headline the Vectren Dayton Air
Show on July 17th & 18th. Led by Blue Angel #1, Commander Greg “Boss” McWherter, the
Blue Angels will be a welcomed site in Dayton since last appearing in 2006. Also previously
announced are the new, spirited wing-walking act, Pirated Skies, performed by the
husband-wife team of Kyle and Amanda Franklin and Greg Poe, a leading aerobatic pilot in
the air show industry, flying an ethanol-powered MX-2 and delighting audiences with his
high-energy show.

“Just when we think we’ve exhausted all the great air show acts, we come up with some
spectacular new additions,” Michael Emoff, Chairman of the United States Air & Trade Show
Board of Trustees, the governing organization of the show. “The 2010 Vectren Dayton Air
Show is a must-see event for the entire region.”

Tickets are going fast in the Blue Sky Chalets and Pavilion. These reserved areas along with
the bargain Family Four Pack are sure to be sell outs this year. Check out all the terrific
ticket options on the show’s web site, Beginning June 7th, deep
discount advance tickets will also be conveniently available exclusively at Kroger stores in
the Dayton-Cincinnati region.

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